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Thredbo Swimming Camp 2016

Report by Denise Druitt

Ryde Masters once again organised and invited our club to join their annual swim camp at Thredbo during 30 September – 3 October 2016.

There was a mixture of first timers and regulars from Tuggeranong Vikings:   Katrina BurgesAl Byrne, Leisa Cass, Denise DruittAtsuko McGowan, Kyle McLean (all the way from Geelong), Caroline Makin, Nicolee Martin, Elizabeth Needham, Anne Smyth and Marianne Tweedie.

One of our lane 1 swimmers, Denise Druitt, took up task of writing about her experiences at the swim camp…

What a great way to spend the long weekend!  No doubt we all wondered what we were doing driving into Kosciusko National Park with sleet and snow falling on the Friday … it was a relief not to have to put on snow chains.

The weekend was full of wonderful views, hard work, relaxing, eating, sleeping and many tips.  Some even found the energy to go for a walk, go up the chair lift, or ski.

Swim sessions were spread across early mornings (7am to 9am Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and evenings (5pm to 6.30pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday) with a 1 hour core session on the Saturday and Sunday (4pm to 5pm).

Our coaches Greg Lewin, Anne Smyth, Wendy Magnus, Leisa Cass and Caroline Makin provided us with lots of variety:  technique, race strategies, tumble/open turns, diving, engaging twitch muscles, and drills.  A great take away from the core sessions with Greg is the ‘spider splat’ an advanced plank … for those of us who can do it.  I was on my knees!  Anne imparted her race strategy secrets. The sessions were well spaced and varied being broken into two hard sessions:  endurance (slow to fast twitch), and sprint on two separate days.  In between these sessions focus was on stroke technique across freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke, turns and diving, so were less intense and allowed for some recovery.

Coaches did a great job:  memories of Lane 1 were: “I can’t do any more, What time is it, I need to fill up my water bottle,  I need to go to the toilet, I am feeling tired, I have cramps,  I am feeling dizzy, My snorkel keeps filling up with water, I have a sore shoulder, Can we just do 25 metres?”.  Our coaches took it all in their stride.  I am sure the other lanes didn’t employ our tactics!

It is good staying at Boali Lodge as meals are ready after swim sessions with no need to think about where or what to eat.  They cater for different food needs as well … and did I say that the views from the lounge are just wonderful!  It also has free Wi-Fi.

Monday morning put on another show of sleet in the Park for our return home.  Monday morning stretch and swim was a freshen up from the hard work and the highlight was finishing off on the slide into a much warmer pool.

It is a great way to spend the long weekend; body fatigue from exercise is a good feeling.

Tuggeranong BPS Meet – 17 September 2016

Report by Leisa Cass, Club President & Caroline Makin, Club Captain

After much hard work by the committee and Annette Britten, on Saturday, 17 September 2016, Tuggeranong Masters hosted their second Masters Swimming NSW Branch Point Score Meet.

After a bit of a whirlwind through the first few events, the marshals were able to slow things down a bit allowing everyone to catch their breath and enabling the swimmers to actually finish one event before having to be in marshalling for their next one! Whilst the overall number of entrants was again a bit disappointing, the meet ran smoothly and everyone who came seemed to enjoy the afternoon.

From the Vikings team we saw newbie Richard Phillips swimming in his first Masters meet tackling a 100m Individual Medley, 50m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke. Richard had been practicing diving and with the help of coaches prior to the meet, and was pleased that his goggles stayed on for all of his race starts! He showed he is a neat sprint Freestyler with a time of 33:08.

Ed Linder took on a 200m Freestyle for the first time under the encouragement of coaches Caz and Anne using the ‘build’ approach nicely to finish in a time of 2:44.25 – a solid achievement with the training that Ed has been putting in, and a sub 2:40 most definitely looms for Ed in early 2017.

Many of the regular racers were in attendance including Katrina Burgess putting in a solid ‘return to Breaststroke form’ 100m swim and Marianne Tweedie was only a stroke behind Katrina finishing the 100m Breaststroke with a solid last 25m. Atsuko McGowan returned to the pool after no racing so far during 2016 with a ‘not too shabby’ 100m Individual Medley. Ann Reid went a ‘nice and steady’ almost three minutes dead for her 200m Freestyle and Pam Munday showed her skill and endurance as a 200m Butterfly swimmer in that tough event. Caz Makin finished off her four swims with a challenging ‘back up and down’ 200m Backstroke in sub three minutes with Jeanette Droop chasing Caz up and down the pool for 8 laps of Backstroke from just two lanes away – solid swimming from Jeanette.

Otto Benda, Helen Morris, Andrea Tenuisson and Brenda Day were amongst the many who liked to ‘mix it up’ with a 100m individual Medley to kick off their swims for the day.

Nick Dando was ‘sprinter supreme’ taking on all four 50m sprint events with not much rest between each one, whilst Lori Gould was the female ‘sprint specialist’ going in three 50m events and Kristen Leydon topping off her three 50m sprints with a 100m Freestyle.

Our superfish Gary Stustel showed everyone that at age 77, age is no barrier to swimming fast and pulling out a 100m Freestyle time of 1 minute 23 seconds.

Our bushranger Roger Dietrich returned to the Viking swimming fold once more and gave us some thoughts about his return and some inspiration to start swimming again… Thanks also to Roger for taking some action shots of the day!

“I started swimming following a 27 year break in 2009 and joined masters not long after getting back into the water with the Bushrangers. After about twelve months I joined Tuggeranong Masters. I am a remote member and do not live in ACT, but live about 50km north of Wagga Wagga. I seriously cut back my swimming about eighteen months ago and completely gave it away about twelve months ago and did not renew my membership at the beginning of 2016. However, I took out a 16 month membership returning to Tuggeranong on September 1 as I was becoming antisocial and now need another challenge. Although I did not swim very well at this meet it was great to swim again and catch up with people from the ACT and across NSW again both at the pool and afterward at the club as I lost touch with the masters swimming organisation very quickly. Having always been an endurance swimmer I am planning on pursuing distance swimming and will also concentrate on breaststroke as I was surprised at my breaststroke swims at this meet with very little training. I may also introduce fly and backstroke as another challenge.”

We had 61 entrants from 17 clubs. Locally form the ACT, we had 20 swimmers from Tuggeranong Vikings, 12 from Molonglo Water Dragons and one from Ginninderra. A good contingent from Oak Flats Masters came to defend their visitors title from the inaugural meet two years ago, with the remainder making the trip to represent the Sydney based clubs.

The winner of the Visitor’s trophy this year was Molonglo Water Dragons.

Many thanks to all those who helped to support the club running this meet by volunteering their time, technical and culinary skills.

Full results are available.

2015 Endurance 1000 Results

Report by Katrina Burgess, Endurance C0-ordinator

It has been another successful year for the Tuggeranong Viking endurance swimmers, placing fifth in the National Endurance 1000 program and second in NSW, just behind Campbelltown. The club accumulated 12,165 points.

Thank you to the 55 swimmers who participated at some time over the year and gained valuable points for the club. The club scored 126.72 points per average swimmer and this placed us 8th in NSW and 19th nationally.

Congratulations to the five swimmers who completed the yearly program of 62 swims which range from 400m to hour-long swims and gained maximum points in all swims – Brenda Day, Katrina Burgess, Caroline Makin, Jon McRae, and Ann Reid. David Bale and Andrea Teunissen also successfully completed the program and all seven swimmers are now anxiously awaiting their embroidered towel.

Other statistics from 2015 …

1)      The total kilometres swam by the Tuggeranong Viking endurance swimmers was 690.8km.

2)      A total of 928 swims were completed and entered into the Australian Masters Portal by Jane Lindsay. What an achievement – A huge thank you to Jane for her data entry!

3)      The club had a participation rate of 57.29% of members participating.

The program continues this year and all club members are welcome to participate in as few or as many swims as each individual would like, adding to the Masters swimming motto of “fun, friendship and fitness”.

More information about the club results and individual point scores of all participants is available.

Endurance sessions are held on Tuesday morning at 1030hrs to 1200hrs and Saturday mornings from 1030hrs to 1230hrs.

41st Masters Swimming National Championships – 21-24 April 2016

Report by Caroline Makin, Club Captain

Melbourne was the destination that our 26 Vikings descended on for the 41st Masters Swimming Nationals Championships. The competition was back to the usual Long Course format for 2016 and was held in the 10-lane indoor 50m pool at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre from 21-24 April.

Our crew departed via plane or car from Canberra in high spirits, looking forward to what lay ahead in Victoria.  Hoping to come back perhaps victorious, whether that meant bringing home medals, securing National or State records, club records, PBs, or simply achieving their goal of competing in their first ever National Championships.

Some of our swimmers took the opportunity to head to MSAC the day prior to the competition starting to try out the competition pool and do a small warm up in the wave pool as well as practice their technique in readiness for their racing over the following four days!

The opening ceremony put on by Masters Swimming Victoria was fabulous. There was the National Anthem as always, but then there was a parade of clubs with banners around the pool, which was followed by a spectacular show with male and female dancers around the pool deck.




The Vikings team showed their strength in the pool across many age groups. The competition was stiff but many swimmers still managed to bring home some bling for their efforts, and we witnessed lots of magnificent swims with many many PBs being achieved. We could hear team mates cheering on their fellow Vikings from the side lines and some of our swimmers even videoing swims for each other which truly showed their camaraderie and spirit.

The days were long, and we swam relays not only at the end of the day but also due to Day 2 overrunning, had to get to the pool early on Day 3 to swim the Day 2 relays before beginning individual racing again on Day 3!  Many of the relay events saw nail-biting finishes amongst some of the teams, with the winners finishing by only a finger nail ahead!

We not only enjoyed our time at the pool, but also socialising in the evenings with fellow Vikings members and also our friends from other clubs.

Our club finished 5th overall in the Club point score, and 2nd behind Claremont Gropers from WA in the ‘Visitor’s trophy’.  This is a fantastic achievement!! Thanks to the coaching team for helping prepare our Vikings!

It was a huge event and the competition is becoming fiercer every year at Nationals! There is incredible depth in Masters Swimming and it was great to be part of an event where swimmers of all ages and ranges of ability were competing.

See you at the Gold Coast in 2017 for the next MSA National Championships.

NSW State LC Championships – 9/10 April 2016

Report by David Bale

The NSW State LC Championships were held on the weekend of 9/10 April at the home of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  Tuggeranong had 21 swimmers compete over the two days which is a little short on regular numbers at States but due to Nationals happening less than two weeks later was understandable.

We saw some marvellous swims from many of our team members which resulted in Tuggeranong Vikings placing third in the 1st division which was an awesome effort!

We had Jenna Freeman, Nicolee Martin, Pam Munday, and Kade Burgess all finishing first in their age groups and Caroline Makin, Ann Reid, Anne Smyth, and Ian Hampton finishing either second or third.  There were also several others achieving high places in their age groups.

David Bale was given the privilege of writing this report as he achieved a 14 second personal best time in his 200m Butterfly with a 3.15.87.

Some observations from the spectator gallery and pool deck were …

Jenna Freeman earned 5 golds from 5 starts with a 1.04.17 in her 100m Freestyle.

Marianne Tweedie cracked the 3 mins for her 200m Backstroke with a tidy 2.59.55.

Jill Blomeley in the recovery from a major knee injury delivered a 1.30.32 for a 100m Freestyle.

Rachel Harrison-Wyatt punched out a spritely 1.07.06 for her 100m Freestyle.

Caz Makin delivered a great swim in the 200m Individual Medley going under 3 mins in a time of 2.58.21.

Katrina Burgess provided a gutsy performance in the very difficult 200m Butterfly with 3.24.36.

Kristen Leydon swam a 47.58 in the 50m Freestyle which was quite good with minimal training.

Nicolee Martin showed her endurance with a 2.38.79 in the 200m Freestyle.

Ann Reid showed why she is a butterflyer with a 4.13.52 in the 200m Butterfly. She also kept a beady eye on the swimmers in the pool in her officiating capacity!

Donna Campbell continues to improve going 53.65 for 50m Butterfly.

Anne Smyth’s focus on fly paid off with a 3.22.28 in the 200m Butterfly.

Leisa Cass was solid as always with a 3.57.09 for her 100m Backstroke.

Pam Munday showed us how breaststroke should be swum with a 1.40.29 in the 100m Breaststroke.

Brenda Day nudged the 4 minute barrier in one of her three 200s with a 4.00.66 in 200m Backstroke.

Heather Cachia showed real stamina in a 5.37.20 200m Backstroke.

Joan Bratton swam a determined 5.03.02 in her 200m Breaststroke.

Kade Burgess went 5 gold from 5 swims and flew through the 50m Butterfly in 29.97.

David Bale delivered a solid 50m Butterfly in 35.84.

Andreas Falkenau loves his fly and it showed with a 1.21.14 100m Butterfly.

John Collis is an awesome Breaststroker and this can been seen in the 1.36.40 he did in the 100m Breaststroke.

Ian Hampton despite the recent Cooma pool closure still delivered a 3.44.16 in the 200m Individual Medley.


These results are very impressive considering there was no real taper due to Nationals looming.  Many club members now look to Melbourne for the Australian Masters Swimming National Championships from 21-24 April.  Good luck to all our Vikings!