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The purpose of the endurance 1000 swim program is to encourage all swimmers to improve their fitness and endurance. The aim is to promote aerobic fitness by providing an incentive (in the form of club points) for members to swim longer distances. [More info…]

Club members take part in various swim meets.  NSW Masters Swimming has Branch Point Score (BPS) meets occurring regularly throughout the year, as well as other NSW championship meets.  There are also national and international meets. … [More info …]

There are a number of annual open water swim events in the ACT and southern NSW and some of our members take on the challenge of swimming in these lake and ocean swims. [More info…]

postal swim involves swimming an event without travelling to a swim meet. You can swim the event at a time and pool that suits you within a specific time frame but you need to have someone to time and record your split times. The times are posted to the organising club and the results are posted back at a later date. [More info …]

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards acknowledge progress from the “learn to swim” beginner to the distance swimmer. These awards are intended to stimulate members to strive for greater fitness and are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia. [More info…]

The club has four training sessions each week held at Tuggeranong Pool. [More info …]

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