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Masters Swimming Australia is an Australia-wide network of adult swimming clubs affiliated with Masters Swimming International. Masters Swimming Australia’s aim is to promote swimming and fitness in those 18 years of age and over. Its motto is “Fitness, Friendship and Fun”. With Masters Swimming Australia, you can be involved with training programs, stroke correction, competition, social activities, relaxation, improved aerobic fitness and motivation to exercise.

Want to know more about ACT Masters Swimming? … download the 2023 Masters Swimming ACT Brochure. [LAST UPDATED Feb 2023]

Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT Inc. was formed in 1986 as the second club within the ACT Branch. The club has structured a program of training sessions and schedules to assist you in improving your personal swimming ability and physical fitness. Read our Mission Statement.

We train at the Tuggeranong Lakeside Leisure Centre, and more information about our current training sessions is available.

We employ trained coaches to direct our sessions whenever possible. The cost of this is partly recovered through member contributions of $5 per session, the balance being subsidised through grants and fundraising. N.B. When you attend a training session, we ask you to sign the Attendance Sheet to comply with the requirements of the National Insurance Policy. At the same time, mark off a visit on your 12-visit pre-purchased club training card.

NSW and ACT Masters Swimming Clubs hold swim meets throughout the year. National Championships are also held each year in different States on a rotation basis, usually around Easter time. We encourage those swimmers who wish to swim competitively to do so as a group to represent our club. Masters swim meets are based on personal improvement, not fierce competition.

All work and no play, etc, etc………… Regular social activities are arranged and we invite all members (and their families, when appropriate) to join in with us. In the past we have enjoyed many evenings involving such activities as gym/dinners, ten-pin bowling, rowing and a wine tasting. Our Annual General Meeting is held in September each year and is followed by a dinner, usually at one of the TVRU&ASC clubs. Our Presentation of Trophies is usually combined with a Christmas Party early in December. In recent years this has taken place at a nearby picnic area adjacent to the pool after a Sunday night training session.

We welcome your enquiry and hope that this information may help you to make a decision to join us in our training for fitness and fun. Remember, the first step is easy: just come and try at any session.

Want to know more? Why not come to one of our training sessions, or you can talk to one of our club contacts.

Thinking about the health benefits of swimming? A nice article about the Zen of Swimming … “Reaching for Zen With Each Stroke and Lap” by Jane Brody, New York Times columnist.

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