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January 10th, 2011:

2010 Annual Club Awards

Swimmer TrophyWe held our Christmas Party/Presentation Night on the evening of Sunday 12 December 2010 at Erindale Vikings Club.  It was great to have lots of our members and their families attending.

The perpetual club awards/trophies were presented on the evening.

Full details of the award winners, and why they were chosen to received the awards are detailed in the February 2011 TIDAL Newsletter, and the summary of our 2010 Award Winners is as follows:

Gill and David Buckley Encouragement Award
Presented to two swimmers this year.
Joan Skipper & Alan Duus
Judy Gallagher Memorial Award for Most Improved Swimmer David Bale
Postal Swimmer of the Year Award Brenda Day
Swimmer of the Year Anne Smyth
Iron Person of the Year Caroline Makin
Club Person of the Year Jane Lindsay

Tuggeranong Challenge – 27 November 2010

Meet report from Caroline Makin

Our very own Tuggeranong Challenge 2010 took take place on Saturday 27 November 2010.

The “Challenge” consists of swimming three events (200m, 50m and 100m), each in a different stroke. To ascertain the winner the absolute difference between actual and nominated time for each of the three events is aggregated. For example: if you swim 2 seconds faster in event 1, 3 seconds slower in event 2 and 0.5 of a second faster in event 3, your total difference over the 3 events is 5.5 seconds. The trophy is presented to the swimmer with the smallest total difference. The fastest swimmer will not necessarily be the winner.

The Overall winner of the challenge trophy was Ann Reid (for the second year running) with a total aggregate difference time of 2.47 seconds compared to her aggregate nominated time. In second place was Annette Britten with a total difference of 3.28 seconds and in third place David Bale with a total difference of 3.53 seconds.

The Event 1 winner for the 200m event was David Bale with a difference time of 0.22 seconds compared to his nominated time. In second place was Ann Reid with difference of 0.44 seconds and in third place Catherine Alexander with a difference of 1.10 seconds.

The Event 2 winner for the 50m event was Ann Reid with a difference time of 0.03 seconds compared to her nominated time. In second place was Jeanette Droop with a difference of 0.04 seconds and in third place Jane Noake with a difference of 0.06 seconds.

The Event 3 winner for the 100m event was Caroline Makin with a difference time of 0.67 seconds compared to her nominated time. In second place was Mark Patterson with a difference of 0.78 seconds and in third place Jane Noake with a difference of 0.78 seconds.

A spreadsheet with individual aggregated versus nominated time difference per event and overall can be downloaded.

The three main individual events were followed by one more fun 100m Muddled Medley event where competitors swam a 100m Individual Medley in a muddled order as presented to each competitor as they went to the starting line.  It is amazing how different it is swimming an IM in a different stroke order!

Next came the 4x50m Novelty Relay which was a fun event where competitors donned plastic Vikings hats in the spirit of this meet and kicked their way with a pull boy for 50m each.

The finale of the meet was the Shoot Out Relay which was a handicapped event with swimmers being placed in teams on the day, swimming the same stroke as their 50m choice in event 2.

Full individual results are available on the NSW Masters Swimming website at http://www.ingenium.net.au/clubsite/results2.asp?site=2&meetID=139.

Aqua Jets Taskmaster Postal Swim – September/October 2010

Postal SwimThe Aqua Jets Taskmaster Postal Swim was the final Postal swim for 2010. This September/October swim involved completing between one and four swims: an 800m, a 1500m, a 30 min and a 60 min swim; any stroke for each one (Flyer).

We had three entries in the Aqua Jets Taskmaster: Ann Reid (4 swims), Jane Lindsey (3 swims) and Jeanette Droop (3 swims) as follows:

Ann Reid

800m Freestyle – 13.29.73 SC

1500m Breaststroke – 38.05.93 SC

Half Hour Backstroke – 1500m SC

One Hour Backstroke – 2775m SC

Jeanette Droop

800m Freestyle – 12:32.76 SC

1500m Backstroke  – 28:35.49 SC

Half Hour Breaststroke  – 1200m SC

Jane Lindsay

1500m Freestyle – 46.20.87 SC

Half Hour Freestyle – 950m SC

One Hour Breaststroke – 1550m SC

Our results were as follows:

Jeanette had the fastest 800m Freestyle (Female and Male) and the fastest 1500m Backstroke (no Males entered); while Ann swum the furthest in both the Half Hour and One Hour Backstroke (of all the Female and Male entries!)

Full results for this postal meet are available at https://assets.clubsonline.com.au/assets/console/