Training Philosophy

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We have an Training Annual Training Plan (2022) each year which works on cyclic planning. Our training sessions are planned to align with the phases of training and targeted events in the annual calendar, with sets that are tailored for:

  • Sprints, Middle distance or Long distance
  • Conditioning sets, VO2 max sets
  • Stroke improving sets, streamlining, drills, technique, breathing
  • General maintenance sets
  • Dives, turns and finishes
  • Targeting particular events
  • Open water swimming

Types of Training

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VO2/Aerobic Capacity

VO2Max – the boldy’s ability to consume oxygen for energy production – best indicator for aerobic capacity.  The body cannot operate at VO2Max levels of intesity for extended periods of time. But it is poosible to operate at intensities higher than VO2Max. If you are operating at intensities that are higher than VO2Max then it means that your body is using energy that is produce anerobically (or without oxygen) to do so.