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Drills are a vital tool to improve swim technique and efficiency in the water. The drills below all have a focus and are designed to build into a full efficient stroke.

Butterfly Tips and Drills
Backstroke Tips and Drills
Breaststroke Tips and Drills
Freestyle Tips and Drills


Lane Etiquette
Activation Routine
Body Position
Bilateral Breathing
Hard Core
Stroke Rate
Starts, Turns & Finishes
Tempo Trainers
Training Sets for Racing
FES and BES Calculator
Swim Rules Easy Version
Swim Session Planning Elements
Getting Started with Video Analysis
Writing an Annual Training Plan

Other Useful Swimming Resources

Swim Smooth

Swim Smooth is an innovative swimming coaching company devoted to all levels of swimmers and triathletes. Their specialism is helping swimmers of any type or level improve. They have technique advice especially for you –  whether you’re a beginner who’d like to learn freestyle, an intermediate who wants to develop their stroke technique or an advanced swimmer looking to excel further, Swim Smooth is for you. As well as all the free advice on this site, you can sign up for their Blog, it’s called Feel For The Water.

Swim Smooth has some excellent open water tips to help you gain confidence and improve your open water skills.

What’s your Swim Type?  Swim Types show you the six fundamental styles swims use to swim freestyle.  Discover your Swim Type and Swim Smooth will show you how to become faster and more efficient through the water.  It’s a totally new angle on swim coaching.

Effortless Swimming

All the products and materials Effortless Swimming makes are created by National swimmer and Masters Coach of Year 2012 Brenton Ford. Brenton takes the drills, techniques and training methods used by the best swimmers around the world and make them available to athletes of all levels.

As Brenton says, “Effortless Swimming was created so that you could receive all the latest updates about swimming technique, skills, practice programs and everything else swimming related. If your only starting out or if you have 20 years experience makes no difference. With the right knowledge and the right skills, anyone can acheive the level of success they desire in the pool.”

Freshwater Swimmer

Some interesting reflections and thoughts on swimming, in particular a useful blog posting ‘Stroke Thoughts‘ about maintaining proper form and guarding against creeping flaws – starting with the hand entry and proceeding through the catch, pull, hip drive, and kick.

The Facts of Swimming

Improve your Freestyle technique and swim better with less effort by knowing these simple facts.