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New Zealand Northland Master’s “The Wall” Postal Swim – Mar/Apr 2011

Postal SwimThe second overseas Postal Swim for 2011 was the New Zealand Northland Master’s “The Wall”.

There were two swims: an 800m and a 1500m swim.  800m to be swum as 400m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke and 150m Freestyle.1500m to be swum as 800m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly, 200m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke and 200m Freestyle.

“The Wall” could be swum in March/April 2011.

Cost was $12.00 per distance, and we had one entry for the club – Ann Reid came second in her age group and fifth out of eight competitors in the 1500m event. There were nine competitors in the 800m event.

Full results are available.

British Long Distance Swimming Association’s One Hour Postal Swim – Jan/Feb 2011

Postal SwimThe first of the overseas postal swims for 2011 was the British Long Distance Swimming Association’s one hour swim which needed to be swum during January/February 2011.

We had two entries - Brenda Day came first in her age group (out of 24) and Caroline Makin came eighth (out of 36) in her age group.

After the many “mega” swims many of our members did recently, an hour swim next year should be a doddle, so keep it in mind!

Full results are available.

Aqua Jets Taskmaster Postal Swim – September/October 2010

Postal SwimThe Aqua Jets Taskmaster Postal Swim was the final Postal swim for 2010. This September/October swim involved completing between one and four swims: an 800m, a 1500m, a 30 min and a 60 min swim; any stroke for each one (Flyer).

We had three entries in the Aqua Jets Taskmaster: Ann Reid (4 swims), Jane Lindsey (3 swims) and Jeanette Droop (3 swims) as follows:

Ann Reid

800m Freestyle – 13.29.73 SC

1500m Breaststroke – 38.05.93 SC

Half Hour Backstroke – 1500m SC

One Hour Backstroke – 2775m SC

Jeanette Droop

800m Freestyle – 12:32.76 SC

1500m Backstroke  – 28:35.49 SC

Half Hour Breaststroke  – 1200m SC

Jane Lindsay

1500m Freestyle – 46.20.87 SC

Half Hour Freestyle – 950m SC

One Hour Breaststroke – 1550m SC

Our results were as follows:

Jeanette had the fastest 800m Freestyle (Female and Male) and the fastest 1500m Backstroke (no Males entered); while Ann swum the furthest in both the Half Hour and One Hour Backstroke (of all the Female and Male entries!)

Full results for this postal meet are available at https://assets.clubsonline.com.au/assets/console/