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Tuggeranong Trifecta Postal Swim – July/August 2011

In July and August, we held our very own Tuggeranong Trifecta – three swims (a 400m, an 800m and a 1500m) each in a different stroke.

There were 24 entries (20 females, four males) from five clubs: Tuggeranong (10), Alice AUSSI (8), Bunbury (4), and one each from Albany Creek and Aqua Jets.

The most popular stroke for each distance across all swimmers was Individual Medley for the 400m, Backstroke for the 800m and Freestyle for the 1500m Freestyle.

Except for an 800m butterfly all strokes and distances were represented; Adrian Davis and Ann Reid using their gold medal efforts from the Long Distance Championships (yes, 1500m Butterfly!) as part of their entries.

Full Results are available.



Seaside Pirates BPS Meet – 18 September 2011

Meet report by Philippa Rickard

Philippa Rickard and Caroline Makin started their journey to the Seaside Pirates BPS Meet at SOPAC in Sydney on a beautiful warm sunny day on 18 September 2011.

It was “Barry Barina’s” (Philippa’s car) first big trip to the city and he got them there in plenty of time for the warm up!

The meet was very well organised and was in the main 50m pool with the boom making the racing distance a nice 25m short course, with full electronic timing.

Philippa swam the 200m Freestyle where she won her heat and age group in 2:28.28 and setting a new club record.

Caroline had a great swim in the 100m Freestyle where she knocked just under 1.5 seconds off her PB set only a few months earlier, holding a great pace all the way, catching the male swimmer in the next lane on the last length and finishing in 1:12.63 – great swim Caz!

Both sisters swam the 25m Freestyle,  securing 1st and 3rd placings with two solid swims.

The pair brought home a total of 51 points back to Canberra for the club.

Full results are available.


Bunbury Postal Swim – May/June 2011

Eighteen Vikings entered the Bunbury 3 x 400m Postal Swim this year.

In May/June 2011, as many as eighteen of our members took part in the Bunbury postal swim  … 3 x 400m swims (Freestyle, Backstroke and either Breaststroke or Butterfly) this year.

Last year we picked off two of the medals on offer (fastest female and most improved female); this year we went one better and took out three medals: fastest female (and fastest overall): Philippa Rickard; fastest male: Nick Dando and most improved male: David Bale.

Our female swimmers were first in four of the six age groups we entered. The boys were first in both their age groups. Six swimmers swam faster this year than they did in 2010 … Caroline Makin, Ann Reid, Anne Smyth, Cecelia Kaye, Pam Munday and David Bale).

There were sixty nine entrants this year – Tuggeranong swimmers were the only NSW/ACT representatives! Five of our swimmers were among the top ten with first, second, fifth, sixth and seventh places – Philippa, Nick, David, Caroline and Anne respectively.

Full results for this postal meet will be available on the Postal Swims section of the Masters Swimming website.