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Ann Reid achieves Two Million Metres – May 2015

Ann Reid achieved her Two Million Metres on 24 May 2015. Ann may have swum her second million metres, but she has travelled a significant number of kilometres around Australia and even to the United States to get to the pools she swam in to achieve this award!

Ann commented about her achievement … “My second million metres took just under 4½ years (after my first million) and 449 pool visits to achieve; swimming as little as 500m or as much as 4300m in a single session. These sessions included many NSW swim meets, two National Championships (Sydney and Hobart), postal swims, endurance swims and club training sessions. The majority of swims were at Tuggeranong and various NSW Masters clubs’ home pools, but I regularly swam in Albury, Wagga and Wodonga (work related trips), Nunawading (visiting family in Melbourne), and also tried out the Byron Bay pool, the Adelaide and Launceston Aquatic Centres and the San Mateo and Santa Rosa College pools in California during this time.”

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards is a great way to motivate yourself to keep coming to the pool, so why not start recording yours now!

NSW Long Distance Championships – 23 August 2015

Report by Otto Benda

Nine of our club members participated in the MSNSW Long Distance Championships 2015 held at Knox Grammar, Sydney in 25m short course format, and what a participation it was!! We won the overall club points competition by 20 points – so a massive congratulations to the club and in particular to the participating swimmers: David Bale, Otto Benda, Katrina Burgess, Donna Campbell, Leisa Cass, Jeanette Droop, Caroline Makin, Jon McRae and Anne Smyth. Overall, we earned 10 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze medals.

On individual efforts, Katrina and Anne both earned the full 20 points for their swims. Caroline, Katrina and Leisa recorded PBs – congratulations. Anne was 0.11s off her 400m Backstroke PB, but of course her time was what many of us can only dream about. Others recorded useful benchmarks for future competitions. Some could not match their times from endurance sessions, so back to racing strategy!!

Leisa videoed many of our swimmers on her tablet, so if for those who are interested in watching how good or bad their stroke looks from the deck, negotiate with her for access to the footage.

It was a long day, but when Leisa and Donna reconnaissanced the neighbourhood and discovered Baker’s Delight and great coffee next door, all was well. Much spare time was also taken up by timing duties, and some of us had the opportunity to time attempts at national and even world records.

It was a shame we had such a long drive to get back home, a beer or three would be very useful to replace the lost fluids and carbohydrates following some very serious (especially the four swimmers who did 1500m Breaststroke or Backstroke) swims!

Looking forward to next year’s Long Distance Championships.

Full results are available.

David Bale achieves Two Million Metres – April 2015

Congratulations to David Bale on achieving his Two Million Metres award in April 2015.

David joined the Million Metres Club in August 2012 around two and a half years after starting his million metres journey. In April this year, David swam his two millionth metre, around 2 ¾ years after his first million.  David tries to swim regularly four times a week: three training sessions and one endurance session.

David said “It was all travelling along quite well until February 2014 when I started to experience some strange symptoms, dizziness, leg pain, fatigue, and spent a considerable amount of February in hospital.  I now know what I was experiencing was the commencement of my Multiple Sclerosis experience.  My arrogant determination kept me swimming and coach Anne Smyth has provided guidance to improve my stroke. I actually swim Butterfly quicker now than before I became unwell. My swimming has helped get me through some of the challenges I experience.  I have lost substantial strength in my left leg yet I persist with my lap swimming.  I also race as often as I can and appreciate my fellow competitors patience as I sometimes struggle to mount the blocks.  We have a great club here in Canberra and I am proud to be a member of the Tuggeranong Vikings as it embodies the spirit of fun, fitness and friendship. It was very pleasing to achieve this milestone of swimming two million metres.  My swimming keeps both my mind and body strong as I manage the challenges presented to me each day by my MS.  I am 10% through my next million.  Hope to rack up plenty of metres as I prepare for Nationals in Melbourne next year.” 

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards is a great way to motivate yourself to keep coming to the pool, so why not start recording yours now!