To join our club, simply go online to the Masters Swimming NSW website and visit the members portal. Select the ‘new registration’ option and complete the online registration, ensuring you select ‘Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT’ as the club option in the first step.






Tapering for Swim Meets

This Taper Program is an extract taken from “Mastering swimming : a self-help guide for coaches and swimmers” by Anita Killmier, 1996 …. still a pretty good general ‘bible’.  It takes a bit of judgement to ‘work out’ where you are at and then start your taper (but count back from your end date – the day you really want to be “UP”) .  You may also find the information about Quality Training for Masters Swimmers by Anita Killimier useful in your training and race preparation.

Long Course/Short Course Time Conversion

If you want to convert your times for Long Course (50m) and Short Course (25m) pools, you can download these Conversion Tables, or alternatively simply use an online converter from either of these reputable swimming sites in the UK … or

Time Calculator

This handy little online Time Calculator saves a bit of brain power or for those who are time calculation handicapped you can easily input two times and it calculates the difference for you! Time Calculator  is online tool that allows you to add time given in (hour, minute,second,millisecond) format as well as decimal format.

Swim Pace Calculator

Want to know your open water swimming pace based on distance and time? The Swim Pace calculator allows you to enter in the swim distance (meters, yards, kilometers or miles), and the swim time – it will then compute your pace /100m, /100yds as well as an average swim speed in km/hr or miles/hr (MPH).