Come and Try

Tuggeranong Masters offers three free ‘come and try’ coached training sessions for swimmers to experience Masters swimming before becoming a member.  To attend, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to any one of our coached training sessions listed below and introduce yourself to the coach.

There is no need book at the pool for one of our training sessions, the club has pre-booked spots so that swimmers can just turn up to a session.  When you arrive at the pool’s reception, let them know that you are swimming with Masters and they (after taking your entry fee) will let you in.

Over a succession of training sessions all strokes are swum, however if swimmers for any reason cannot or do not want to swim a particular stroke, they are free swim a modified form of the stroke or to swim a stroke of their choosing.  At training, swimmers are grouped into lanes to match their fitness and swim skills.

Additional information

Our club delivers three types of sessions to its members as follows:

  • Training: coached sessions, generally structured as a warm up, drills/technique, build/pre-set, main set and cool down
  • Endurance: choice sessions where swimmers determine what they will swim across all strokes from a program of 400m, 800m, 1500m, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min swims. Swims are timed and are entered into the National Endurance 1000 Program
  • Distance & Pace: freestyle-focussed sessions designed for training for  longer distance and open water swims. The coach swims these sets alongside the swimmers.

Masters Swimming caters to anyone aged 18 or over, all swimming abilities, and all levels of interest, whether that is a swim once a week for fitness, or attending multiple sessions, competing locally or nationally, or socialising with like-minded others – our motto being “Fitness. Friendship and Fun“.

By joining a Masters Swimming Club, you will likely be motivated to:

  • increase your exercise, build fitness and endurance
  • improve your swimming technique with stroke correction at training sessions and attending optional swim clinics/workshops
  • attain your swimming goals
  • compete in the pool or open water events.

Club Communications

Once you become a member, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email from our Club President which will provide more details about swim sessions and the club. You will also be added to our club email list, via which you will receive all the latest info about training, workshops, coaching tips, social activities, and other club activities. You will also be able to join our Facebook group.

For more information please contact us.