Become a Master

Would you like to be a Master’s Swimmer? If so, then join us and take part in our “Become a Master” program.

The program is available to all new and existing/continuing club members.

Program Summary

  • Duration 3 months — from date of registration.
  • Points-based swim activities.
  • Achieve 100 mandatory points to “Become a Master” and receive a certificate. New members will also receive a club drink bottle.
  • New members who achieve 100 bonus points to receive a club swim cap.
  • New club members are also offered a 30-minute one-to-one session with a coach.

Program Detail

  1. Eligibility: Participants need to join/be a member of uggeranong Masters club and register for the program to participate. Apart from the normal club membership and training fees, there is no additional
    cost for the “Become a Master” program.
  2. Duration: The program runs over a 3-month duration from the date of registration to participate.
  3. Tracking: The program is points-based, where successful participants must achieve a minimum of 100 points. There is also a bonus activity component for an additional 100 points. Program participants use a tracking form to monitor their progress and completed activities/points.
  4. Awards: Successful participants receive a certificate certifying that they completed the program. New members will also receive some club merchandise.

Program Components

  1. New club members offered a 30-minute one-on-one session with a coach.
  2. All participants maintain a tracking record card of activities undertaken and distances swum.
  3. Program comprises two types of activities: Mandatory and Bonus (see full details below).
  4. Results will be published on the club website, inlcuding points achieved.
  5. All swim sessions (Training, Endurance-1000 etc) count towards KM  swum.
  6. Club training sessions are coached sessions structured as warmup, drills, build, main set and cooldown.
  7. Endurance-1000 sessions are not counted as a club training session.
  8. Endurance-1000 refers to timed swims that form part of the Masters Swimming Australia’s National Endurance Program: where swimmers determine what they will swim, from a program of 400m, 800m, 1500m, 30 min, 45 min and 60 min swims. There is no upper swim time cut-off for these swims.
  9. Distance & Pace sessions are designed for longer distance and open water swims. The coach also swims these sets. This program runs seasonally.
Mandatory Activity Table

The 100 points required are achieved by completing all activities in
the table below.

A certificate will be awarded to participants achieving all mandatory activities and a minimum of 100 points. In addition, new new club members will also receive a drink bottle.

Bonus Activity Table

Bonus points can be added to the 100 mandatory points achieved.

Achieving a combined total of 200 or more points qualifies new member participants for a club swim cap.

Registrating Interest/Enquiries

To register your interest in the “Become a Master” program, email

If you have any questions relating to the program, please talk to one of our coaches at a training session or email