RSS News Feed


If you want to keep completely up to date with our club news, you can subscribe to Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT RSS news feed on the website.

An RSS feed is a simple method for staying informed about our club news, meet reports, results, events, etc from the club website. To subscribe to and read our RSS feed is really simple!

If you are interested in subscribing, here’s some more info about RSS feeds and how to read the news feed ….

What is RSS? RSS is a file format that is used to let people know when a certain website or part of a website has been updated with new content. The service which alerts users to these updates is known as an RSS feed. A feed, like a website, is a file of computer code that your computer converts into something that can be read on your screen.

How is RSS viewable? Unlike a website, an RSS feed cannot simply be viewed in your browser window. To view an RSS feed, you will need to use an RSS reader (also called a feed reader or RSS aggregator). When loaded into an RSS reader, a feed will deliver a brief summary of each update that is made to the website it comes from, along with a link to the updated area of the website.

The first thing you need to know to subscribe to the Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT RSS feed RSS Feed is that the URL for the Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT RSS feed is

You can view the RSS content in MS Outlook 2007. Outlook includes the functionality of an RSS aggregator. Each RSS item that you receive is very similar to an e-mail message. It can be moved to folders, flagged, or forwarded to another person. When you subscribe to an RSS Feed via Outlook, Outlook periodically checks the RSS publisher’s server for updated postings, which will appear in the RSS Feeds folder in your mailbox. So using this method, you will get updates on a regular basis into your mailbox, when new postings are made to the Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT website.

Alternatively, Google has an online feed reader ( where you simply need to select the ‘Add a subscription’ option and paste the Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT RSS feed URL ( into the search box, click ‘Add’ and all of the Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACTs website news content will appear for you to read at your leisure.

There are lots of other free RSS feed readers or aggregators available to download from the web, which will allow you to subscribe to and read the Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT RSS feed RSS Feed.