The club continues to go from strength to strength – with a total of approximately 80 financial members as at April 2022.

Want to know more about ACT Masters Swimming? … download the 2022 Masters Swimming ACT Brochure. [LAST UPDATED May 2022]

Want to join the club? … it’s easy … come along to one of our club sessions and give us a try (use the voucher in the ACT Masters Swimming Brochure. to allow three free sessions over a one calendar month period – you need to join after three sessions to be covered by our insurance.)  If you decide you want to join us, that’s great news! …. simply go online to the Masters Swimming NSW website and visiting the membership page.  Select the ‘new members’ option and complete the online registration, ensuring you select ‘Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT’ as the club option in the first step.  Please contact our Club Registrar, Bill Eversham via our club email address, if you have any questions regarding membership.

Club Fees

An annual 12-month membership subscription is $140 (for members aged 80 years and over $102) and is payable in January each year. This covers Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT club membership, plus affiliation with the NSW Branch and the National body of Masters Swimming in Australia. The Club retains only 35% of your subscription. If you want to know more about what the National and Branch fees provide for you, ask the Secretary for an information sheet.

We also offer membership fees for anyone wishing to join us as either a 6-month membership (July — Dec) at $100 or 4-month membership (Sep — Dec) at $46 or a 16-month membership (Sep — Dec ) at $160.  Masters swimming offers these types of memberships yearly to encourage more swimmers to join as the year progresses.

We also have annual rates for second claim members. For those who already belong to an ACT club there is no fee to become a second claim members.

TBC – Those already a member of a NSW club will be required to pay  the club portion of the full fee, which is $20, or for those who belong to a branch other than NSW the fee is $55.

Training Fees are approximately $5.00 per session. We no longer take cash payments so members need to take advantage of the discounted rate offered by purchasing a 12 visit training card for $52.00.

Tuggeranong ‘Vikings’ Masters Swimming ACT is affiliated with the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club (TVRU&ASC) and derives most of its income from this affiliation by way of an annual grant and participation in a meat raffle roster. The continuation of this income is based on our commitment to the TVRU&ASC as follows:

  1. 75% of our members must be members of the TVRU&ASC: we encourage 100% of our members to join the Club.
  2. Participation in the raffle roster — two people for 1 hour each at 5 p.m. & 6 p.m. on a Friday once every 3 months. If every member assists when asked, you need only take a turn once every 2 years.

Our Club shares in the profits of these raffles, which is a good income earner for us and helps to pay for pool hire and coaching. Without this income, our fees would need to rise by $15 to $20 a year! You also have the opportunity to slip away for the ‘odd quiet one’, or stay on afterwards for a meal at the club.