Blacktown BPS Meet – 5 March 2022

Report by Cecilia Kaye

Seven of our club members attended the NSW Masters meet held on Saturday 5 March 2022 at Blacktown. Two carloads of our swimmers drove off hoping to have a pleasant afternoon of friendly competition among 20 other Masters clubs happy to be competing once more.

The weather was warm and the water was sparkling – inviting our swimmers into the 50m indoor pool. We all looked forward to competing after the previous two years of cancellations and missed opportunities due to Covid.

With seven swimmers participating we covered a range of age groups, which meant we earned lots of points for our club. Just for fun, four of the ladies entered in the final event, a 4x100M freestyle relay and won their age group. All of our swimmers finished with a first, second or third in each of their swims. Overall Vikings finished 7th from 21 clubs. The Blacktown club were very efficient and kept things moving along nicely. Everyone came away feeling that it had been a great day and hopefully we can return again next year.

Full results are available for those interested in checking them out.

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