Coach Anne Smyth’s September 2021 Update

It has been a tough time with Covid lockdown and I hope everyone is managing ok. Remember, we will be back in the water. We did it last year and we will do it again.

We do have some members braving the cold lake and many are out running, walking, and riding. Even gardening helps with keeping active and enhancing your well-being.

If you want to use this time to develop your swimming knowledge, our website is a great place to start, with lots of info including technique and tips articles.

The club is planning to have some swims in the lake in October and hopefully we will be back in the pool late October.

As I was walking this morning I was thinking about swimming and what I personally miss:

Remember your love of swimming and why you swim.

Swim for the joy of swimming. Remember how it feels to slide through the water and forget your worries.

Swim for your mental health.

Swim for socialising and enjoy catching up again with your swimming friends.

Going fast and hitting those times will come again in time.

… and as Arnie said we will be back!!!

Anne Smyth, Head Coach

Don’t forget our AGM is on Monday, 27 September 6.30 pm via Zoom. Join us online and contribute to your club!

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