2016 Endurance 1000 Program Achievements

Report by Katrina Burgess

Although attendance was down, the spirit, enthusiasm and benefits for those Vikings that made the Endurance 1000 program a part of their fitness program absolutely shined in 2016.

Congratulations to the 38 Vikings who participated over the year, at some stage, even if it was just competing in either a 400m or 800m at a swim meet, and gained valuable points for the club. This is down on previous years as it is only 40% of our total membership.

Six Vikings completed the entire 2016 program.

  • David Bale
  • Katrina Burgess (maximum points achieved)
  • Donna Campbell
  • Brenda Day (maximum points achieved)
  • Ann Reid (maximum points achieved)
  • Andrea Teunissen

These six swimmers are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their individually embroidered towel with huge anticipation about which colour they will receive!

Overall, there are 62 swims that are required to be done to complete the program throughout the year. Other members whom achieved greater than 50% of those required endurance swims were: Catherine Alexander (31 swims); Cecelia Kaye (41 swims); Helen Morris (31 swims); Pauline Rohan (41 swims); Gary Stutsel (51 swims).

In total 721 swims were completed our club members and 579.85 kms were swum with a total of 10,130 points awarded to the Vikings endurance swimmers.

Many thanks to Jane Lindsay, our Endurance Recorder for all of the statistics.

Official MSA Endurance Trophy results will be released in early 2017  when we will find out how Tuggeranong compared with other clubs in Australia and within the NSW Branch.

The endurance program is on again in 2017 with official endurance sessions scheduled to commence from Tuesday, 10th January.

We are very fortunate within our club that we offer official endurance sessions twice a week so our swimmers are able to just turn up to swim and participate, with guaranteed pool lanes. Our club is a strong supporter of the program with many clubs not offering any opportunity for their swimmers to participate in the program.

Endurance session are a marvellous opportunity to indulge yourself with the true motto of masters swimming that being “FITNESS, FRIENDSHIP AND FUN”.

Our official sessions are on Tuesday 10:30 – 12:00 hrs and Saturday 10:00 – 12:00 hrs at Lakeside Leisure Centre and we always keep in contact via our Fastlane email list with any variations to sessions during the year.

Come and join us in 2017!

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