Tuggeranong Challenge – 19 September 2015

Report by Leisa Cass, Club President

The club’s “Tuggeranong Challenge” was held on Saturday, 19 September 2015 back at the newly refurbished Lakeside Leisure Centre.

To be a part of the Challenge ,swimmers needed to compete in 3 events, across the three distances, 50m, 100m and 200m and each must be in a different stroke. The overall winner is the person who’s total actual swim times are the closest to their total nominated swim times. So if a swimmers does 2 sec faster in their 50m and 2 sec slower in their 200m, they do not cancel each other out, but give a total difference of 4 seconds.

There were some pretty slick swims during the day (as well as a couple of not so slick times — putting my hand up for one of those!). New comer Ed Linder took a few by surprise with a fast 31.02 sec for 50m Freestyle and 1:11.03 for 100m Freestyle after only joining us a few months ago. David Hennessy swam three good times taking 7 seconds off his 100m Breaststroke entry time and 11 seconds off his 200m Freestyle entry time. Jane Waddleton improved across all three of her Breaststroke swims.

Richard Flockart was consistent, as were Nick Dando, Suzie Gunning, Liz Needham and so many others, but most consistent of all was Anne Smyth with only 1.34 seconds total difference from her nominated times across the three swims to take out the Challenge trophy for 2015. In second place overall was Caroline Makin with a total difference of 1.38 seconds and in third place David Bale with a total difference of 2.98 seconds.

Winners of the three individual Challenge events were 50m — David Bale (exact time), 100m — Greg Gourley (23/100th second off nominated time), and 200m  — Suze Gunning and Tim Booth = 1st (10/100th second off nominated time).

The handicapped relay to finish off came down to the wire with a close finish across all the lanes, and Tuggeranong just coming in the winner.

Full results are available.

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