2014 Endurance 1000 Results

Report by Atsuko McGowan, Endurance Coordinator

Endurance 1000The Endurance 1000 results for 2014 have been published on the Masters Swimming Australia website and our club managed to swim a total of 755.6km throughout the year.

We gained a total of 13,312 points and achieved the following results :

Nationally4th place (1st – Noosa Masters (QLD), 2nd — Talay Masters (TAS), 3rd — Campbelltown (NSW))

NSW Branch2nd Place behind Campbelltown (13,785 points)

Our average points per member was 147.91 — 13th Nationally and 6th in NSW Branch.

Congratulations to all 43 Swimmers who participated in the Endurance 1000 program in 2014. More info is available about the club results and individual point scores of all participants.

The six swimmers who completed all the Endurance swims were: Katrina Burgess, Brenda Day, Atsuko McGowan, Jon McRae, Ann Reid and Andrea Teunissen. These swimmers will all receive their name embroidered towels for their efforts last year!

Thank you to all the members, family and friends who assisted with the setting up, timekeeping and recording of times. Without all your support, this amazing result would not have been achieved.

Don’t forget it is never too late to start your Endurance 1000 program for this year. All swims count to our tally for the year and it is a great way of increasing your fitness level.

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