Tuggeranong BPS Meet – 20 September 2014

Report by Caroline Makin and Leisa Cass

After much planning and nail-biting by the organising committee, the Inaugural Tuggeranong BPS Meet was held on Saturday, 20 September 2014.

Whilst we were a little disappointed by the overall number of swimmers, the meet went ahead as scheduled and pretty much to plan. Overall we had a great day in and out of the pool, living up to the Masters Swimming motto of “Fitness, Friendship and Fun”.

Tuggeranong had 30 swimmers participate in the meet, with many doing great swims each time they hit the water, and many with multiple PBs for the day. Here are what we thought were ‘probably’ our swimmers “best” swims of the day ….

Catherine Alexander — 50m Breaststroke
David Bale — 50m Butterfly
Thomas Boyce — 100m Individual Medley
Rod Bransgrove – 50m Freestyle
Kade Burgess — 100m Backstroke
Katrina Burgess — 100m Butterfly
Donna Campbell — 100m Individual Medley
Nick Dando — 50m Freestyle
Brenda Day — 200m Butterfly
Roger Dietrich — 50m Freestyle
Jeanette Droop — 200m Backstroke
Andreas Falkenau — 100m Butterfly
Richard Flockart — 100m Butterfly
Suzie Gunning — 200m Freestyle
Chris Hoorweg — 50m Freestyle
Cecelia Kaye — 50m Backstroke
Kristen Leydon — 50m Freestyle
Caroline Makin — 200m Individual Medley
Atsuko McGowan — 100m Backstroke
Jon McRae — 100m Freestyle
Pam Munday — 200m Breaststroke
Liz Needham — 50m Backstroke
Marshall O’Brien — 50m Freestyle
Tara Olsthoorn — 200m Butterfly
Ann Reid — 100m Freestyle
Anne Smyth — 100m Backstroke
Andrea Teunissen — 200m Breaststroke
Marianne Tweedie — 50m Breaststroke
Max Van Gelder — 50m Freestyle
Jane Waddleton — 50m Breaststroke

A big thank you to all those who were not swimming but came along to help with timekeeping, marshalling and food and drinks during the day – the contribution was very much appreciated.

We were pleased to see how many swimmers also took a turn timekeeping throughout the day. This is such an important task as it underpins the running of the meet and without swimmers stepping in to take a watch, the meet literally can’t keep going.

Well done to everyone for making this a successful and enjoyable first BPS meet for our club.

Full results are available.


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