Tathra Wharf 2 Waves 2014

Report by Brenda Day

Tathra Wharf2WavesSixteen of our members headed to the Sapphire Coast for the 14th annual Tathra Wharf 2 Waves swim on Sunday 19 January, 2014.

Conditions were favourable with a gentle south-easterly breeze blowing across the headland creating very smooth surface conditions along with a gentle half metre swell. Water temperature was coolish at 18 degrees but pool swimmers were blessed. The dull overcast conditions were a relief for our team after the heat of the previous few days in Canberra and the humidity ensures that you aren’t cold at this time of the year.

Tara Olsthoorn was outstanding in winning both her 600m age swim and the 1200m open Dash for Cash without a wetsuit, with three more of our ladies finishing within 5 seconds of one another in the 1200m in the top 6 placings, again without wetsuits and giving the locals a real run for their money!

Annette Britten was awarded a unique key ring after completing 10 years of Wharf2Waves swims and thus becomes a member of the ‘squiggy club’.

Our Mermaids

Tara Olsthoorn 600m 30-39 age group 8:37 (lst), 1200m 18:14 (lst)

Eloise Bolton 1200m 24:45 (31st)

Caroline Makin 600m 40-49 age group 9:40 (2nd), 1200m 20:09 (6th)

Katrina Burgess 600m 40-49 age group 9:42 (3rd), 1200m 20:08 (5th)

Nicolee Martin 600m 40-49 age group 10:06 (5th), 1200m 20:23 (10th)

Annette Britten 600m 40-49 age group 12:11 (9th)

Anne Smyth 600m 50-59 age group 9:24 (2nd), 1200m 20:04 (4th)

Leisa Cass 600m 50-59 age group 10:29 (3rd), 1200m 22:05 (17th)

Petrina Quinn 600m 50-59 age group 13:37 (10th), 1200m 28:54 (46th)

Mandy Coggins 1200m 25:09 (36th)

Brenda Day 600m 60-69 age group 11.24 (1st)

Our Mermen

Kade Burgess 600m 18-29 age group 9:12 (3rd), 1200m 19.27 (14th)

Sam Coggins (Mandy’s son) 600m 18-29 age group 11:44 (18th)

David Bale 600m 40-49 age group 10.01 (5th), 1200m 21.53 (32nd)

Thomas Boyce 600m 50-59 age group 9:00 (2nd), 1200m 19:15 (11th)

Ian Hampton 600m 60-69 age group 11:37 (3rd), 1200m 25:25 (67th)

Jon McRae 600m 60-69 age group 11:54 (4th), 1200m  25:00 (62nd)


Full results are available.

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