Cecelia Kaye joins the Million Metres Club – May 2013

Congratulations to Cecelia Kaye who became a member of the Million Metres Club in May 2013. Cecelia was presented with the award at the NSW State SC Championships in Canberra on 20 October 2013.

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards acknowledge progress from the “learn to swim” beginner to the distance swimmer. These awards are intended to stimulate members to strive for greater fitness and are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia.

Cecelia joined Masters Swimming in February 2008. It wasn’t until October that she learned about the Million Metres club, seeing Brenda Day presented with her shirt and she decided to do this, too. She began by recording her first months of swimming – which was easy because she usually swam three times a week and just continued on for the next five years.

Cecelia said “My aim was to swim 20 kms per month (about 5 km each week) and figured it would take me approximately four and a half years. Of course there were months when that just didn’t happen due to holidays and the arrival of grandchildren, etc. There was no hurry as there is no pressure or anything and I knew I would get there eventually. Finally after five years and three months I was finished! On 25 May this year I completed my aim, which was a very satisfying feeling. Now I am on my way to my second million metres just plugging away steadily. Hopefully after another five and a bit years I will be collecting another shirt! I even wore my new shirt to Thursday morning coffee yesterday  after training, to encourage others!!

Million Metres recording cards are available from your coaches at training or during Endurance Swim Sessions.  You can also use the Million Metres Recording Spreadsheet to record your progress.

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