Anne Smyth joins the Million Metres Club — April 2013

Congratulations to Anne Smyth who became a member of the Million Metres Club in April 2013. Anne was presented with the award at the NSW State Relay Championships on 21 July 2013.

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards acknowledge progress from the “learn to swim” beginner to the distance swimmer. These awards are intended to stimulate members to strive for greater fitness and are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia.

On August 10, 2010, Anne Smyth started counting her laps for the Million Metres Award and was very pleased to finally reach this goal 2 ¾ years later in April, 2013.  She originally started recording her kilometres by hand onto the card, but soon found it was a lot easier to use the computer program which automatically calculates your total distance.

The Million Metres program is an excellent individual motivator for swimming.  Anne said “It was very easy to track how often you were swimming and I sometimes had quite a shock when I would look at the record and realise I had only swum 4 times that month! On the other hand, it was very pleasing when doing lots of sessions, to rush home and record km’s swum that day and watch the mileage grow! ” Anne is now onto her Two Million Metres Award and, after a slow start due to injury, is starting to make progress!

Million Metres recording cards are available from your coaches at training or during Endurance Swim Sessions.  You can also use the Million Metres Recording Spreadsheet to record your progress.

So if you are looking for some extra motivation start recording your kilometres! Give it a Go!

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