ACT Interclub Meet – 16 June 2013

Report by Gary Stutsel

Our first ACT Interclub Meet for 2013 was held at the Lakeside Leisure Centre at 3pm on Sunday 16 June.

There were 33 competitors: 25 Vikings from Tuggeranong and eight Water Dragons from Molonglo and the meet served three special purposes.

First and foremost, it provided precious practical experience for six of our trainee officials. Annette Britten, Leisa Cass, Jeanette Droop and Ann Reid rotated through the marshal, clerk of course and check starter positions while Bill Eversham and Jon McRae took turns with the chief timekeeper role.

Secondly, it initiated first time competitors Ben Brereton, Karen Brown, Micehlle Holmes, Kirsten Madsen, Helen Morris, Crawford O’Brien, Marshall O’Brien and Jane Waddleton. With the second interclub coming on 11 August and the Tuggeranong Challenge on 14 September they should be well seasoned by the Short Course Championships on the Saturday and Sunday 19-20 October.

Thirdly, our six 4 x 25m relay teams had welcome practice ahead of the NSW State Relay Championships on 21 July. Five of the six teams recorded the fastest time for the 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay event in NSW this year. They were the Women’s 120-159 and 200-239, the Men’s 120-159 and 200-239 and the Mixed 240-279. The Women’s 160-199 were second to Molonglo.

In the individual events our swimmers finished with 73 times in the NSW 2013 Top 10 rankings. No 1 NSW rankings achieved in their respective age groups were: Thomas Boyce (25m Backstroke), Benjamin Brereton (400m Freestyle), Nicholas Dando (400m IM and 25m Breaststroke), Brenda Day (25m Backstroke), Paul Hitchman (400m IM), Caroline Makin (400m Freestyle and 25m Breaststroke), Atsuko McGowan (400m Backstroke), Luke McGowan (25m Breaststroke) and Jon McRae (400m Backstroke).

Finally, a big thank you to Annette Britten for her work before, during and after the meet and Kade Burgess who started every one of the 41 races without a hitch.

Full results are available.

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