NSW Long Course Championships – 24 March 2013

Report by Roger Dietrich

Fifteen swimmers travelled to Blacktown Aquatic Centre in Sydney’s West to the NSW State Long Course Championships on 24 March 2013 for a great day of swimming and camaraderie. The weather at Blacktown was fine and sunny which was a bit different to the last couple of meets, however this meet was indoors and the last couple have been out doors under adverse conditions.

This year’s State Championships were held in conjuction with Blacktown club, over only one day instead of the normal two days which are usually held at SOPAC as the National Championships were coming up a few weeks later.

The club finished second in the average points per swimmer and eighth in the overall meet point score.

First time swimmer for our club 18-year-old Kade Howitt had a great day at his first ever Masters meet and took home two gold medals in the 100m Backstroke and the 50m Butterfly. Kade was a little disappointed in his 50m Freestyle swim but none the less won a silver medal and was out touched by 0.3 of a second by Stephen Nguyen of Merrylands. However Kade’s time of 27.82 is nothing to be sneezed at and he has a PB in the low 26 second range. Kade was equal first in his age group with Stephen.

Meanwhile, Atsuko McGowan won three gold medals to earn maximum points and won her age group in her three Backstroke events, the 50m 100m and 200m. Atsuko was also a little disappointed in her times and was some 9 seconds away from her PB in one of these events. However she still looks as relaxed as can be and is the clubs powerhouse in the water.

In the same age group, Marianne Tweedie picked up medals of each of the three colours in her 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle events, Gold for her 100m, Silver for the 200m and Bronze for the 50m. Like Atsuko, Marianne is going from strength to strength and finished fourth in the age group.

Caroline Makin had been suffering with a virus for a couple of weeks prior, and a seized neck and shoulder since the day before the meet, but Caz would still swim even if her arms had suddenly fallen off!!! She managed to win three Silver medals in all her 100m events, Butterfly, Breaststroke and Freestyle. Caz finished fifth in her age group.

Anne Smyth finished equal first in the age group and won two Gold medals and one Silver medal in her 200m events. Anne swam the 200m IM, 200m Butterfly and 200m Freestyle. Anne is a real inspiration and gives great advice in her coaching in the lead up to these big events.

Three medals also were won by Ann Reid in her events in the same age group with Silver’s in the 200m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle and a Bronze in the 200m Freestyle.

Also in the same age group as Anne and Ann, Liesa Cass won a Gold medal in the 200m Backstroke and a Bronze in the 100m Freestyle. Liesa came fifth in the 200m Freestyle and finished eleventh overall in the age group.

Catherine Alexander brought home a silver medal for her 50m Breaststroke and two Bronze medals for the 100m and 200m Breaststroke. These were great swims considering that Catherine is up against Jenny Whitely from Ryde who broke the National records for the 100 and 200m Breaststroke on the day. Catherine finished sixth in her age group.

Cecelia Kaye ad Brenda Day both came equal fifth in their age group with both ladies winning a medal of each colour for their events. It was Gold in her 100m Backstroke, Silver in the 50m Backstroke and Bronze in the 50m Breaststroke for Cecelia and Brenda won Gold in the 200m Butterfly, Silver in the 200m Backstroke and Bronze in her 200m IM.

In the men’s section, Gary Stutsel won maximum points for our club and won his age group and took home three Gold Medals 50m Freestyle, Butterfly and Breaststroke. At 74 years of age, Gary is a valuable freestyle swimmer for our club as his 50m time on the day was a vigorous 33.57.

Luke McGowan had a mixed day. He finished equal eighth on his age group but won Gold in his 50m Breaststroke and a Silver medal in his 100m Breaststroke. Luke was placed sixth in his 50m Freestyle with a zippy time of 30.83.

David Bale won Silver in his 200m Butterfly and came fourth and fifth in his 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle finishing equal eleventh in his age group.

Ian Hampton won a Gold medal in his 100m Breaststroke and won two Silver Medals in the 200m IM and 200m Breaststroke. Ian finished equal fourth in his age group.

The only swimmer to not win a medal was Roger Dietrich; however he smashed 3 seconds off his PB in the 200m Freestyle and picked up a club record in the 200m Breaststroke. Roger also swam more than 23 seconds faster than he did at Campbelltown in the 200m Freestyle a few weeks before taking on board Ian Hampton’s comment in the Campbelltown meet report and swimming about 13,000 metres in training the week before this meet.


In the Womens 4 x 50m Freestyle Relays the Womens 160+ team of Caroline, Anne, Marianne and Atsuko came third in this division and secured a new club record, whilst Leisa, Brenda, Catherine and Ann won their 200+ division.

In the Mens 4 x 50m Freestyle Relays we had a very fast team of Kade, Gary, David and Luke who came fifth in the 160+ age group in a slick time of 02:05.18.

The Mixed 4 x 50m Freestyle Relays were next with Kade, Atsuko, Marianne and Luke finishing fifth in the 120+ age group. Caroline, Anne, David and Gary came second in the 200+ age group and setting a new club record.  Finally, in the 240+ age group, Brenda, Cecelia, Roger and Ian came sixth also setting a new club record.

Full results are available.

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