David Bale joins the Million Metres Club — August 2012

A big congratulations to David Bale who joined the Million Metres Club in August 2012. David was presented with his certificate and t-shirt in March 2013 at the State LC Championships.

It took David just over two and a half years to achieve his million metres, which is a pretty impressive time period in which to achieve this award. David said that his 5+km swims of a morning with Steve and the Woden swim club kids contributed tremendously to his getting there in such a short time period. David’s desire to reach that million mark resulted in his high level of fitness at that during that period.

… if you are new to the club, why not start logging all the swims you do at training and in endurance and race meets.  All of these count towards your Vorgee Million Metres Awards which are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia.


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