2012 Endurance 1000 Results

Report by Pam Munday

The Endurance 1000 results for 2012 were published in February. Once again, our swimmers should feel proud of their achievements. We placed 5th nationally and 2nd in NSW on Total Points Gained. Talay Masters placed first nationally with 21,340 points and Campbelltown placed first in NSW with 15,606 points. Tuggeranong gained 13,352 points.

On Average Points per Member, we placed 4th in NSW and 10th nationally. This is a very sound effort as we are quite a large club with 70 members in 2012. Five of the twenty eight female swimmers and one of the thirty one male swimmers who gained maximum points were from Tuggeranong.

Swimmers who gained maximum points were: Brenda Day, Lily Gilroy, Atsuko McGowan, Jon McRae, Pam Munday and Ann Reid.

Andrea Teunisen also completed all possible Endurance swims.

Everyone is welcome to participate and it is a good way of increasing your fitness, so get involved in 2013!

This table shows our aerobic/endurance results for the last ten years:

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