Campbelltown BPS Meet – 2 March 2013

— a beautiful set of numbers, and then…….

Report by Ian Hampton

These splits make up a beautiful set of numbers:

100 m                      1 min 42.49s
200 m                      3 min 41.68s
300 m                      5 min 44.74s
400 m                      7 min 45.07s

Excellent, brave consistent swimming – this was Caroline Makin’s successful attempt at breaking the NSW State record for Female 45-49 400m Butterfly; which stood at 8:19.23.  Many at the pool were happy for Caz and her achievement.  However, the following evening Caz was informed that there was a problem with her record attempt as the Campbelltown pool has not been resurveyed since its refurbishment.  Huge disappointment – as Caz had clearly advised MSNSW of her intention to attempt the record, including a first enquiry on the 10 February.  The better news coming out of this is that Campbelltown are going to have the pool resurveyed and Caz’s record will be approved retrospectively if the survey works out.

Two other really notable swims on the day — Gary Stutsel swam 33.05  for 50m Freestyle for 631 FINA points, and Anne Smyth swam 2:40.52 for 200m Freestyle for 595 FINA points.  Any swim around 600 FINA points is a really good one, and both of these swims are listed in the national Top 100 swims for all strokes/distances/long course and short course for 2013.

The Campbelltown BPS Meet which was held this year on Saturday, 2 March is traditionally an excellent lead-in meet for the NSW and National Championships because of its timing, it is long course and because it sometimes provides challenging weather conditions.  Overall, there were 13 Vikings at the meet on a somewhat cool-sometimes rainy day; which was compensated by our usual good spirits and excellent hot showers.


Annette Britten — 50m Backstroke 46.94, 100m B ackstroke 1:42.47, 200m Backstroke 3:45.61, 100m Breaststroke 1:48.84; equal third in 40-44 age group.

Brenda Day — 100m Freestyle 1:35.82, 400m Freestyle 7:36.77, 100m Backstroke 1:57.35, 200m Butterfly 4:33.21.

Roger Dietrich — 50m Freestyle 41.54, 200m Freestyle 3:45.98, 400m Freestyle 8:03.95, 100m Breaststroke 2:08.85.  Roger looks good at the start of all his events — just needs to get in some more training (we know this is difficult when he is running a sheep farm).

Ian Hampton — 50m Breaststroke 43.79, 100m Breaststroke 1:38.69, 100m Butterfly 1:32.20, 200m IM 3:33.75, first in 65-69 age group.

Ian thinks he now has a formula for keeping warm on a cool day at an open air pool; namely — after each event immediately do 100 m swim down, followed as soon as possible by a hot shower, then (the secret “weapon”) put underpants on over the wet swimmers and then tracksuit pants on top.  The method in this madness is that the underpants (or some other absorbent clothing) stop the trackky pants from becoming damp and then getting cold in the wind.  Anyhow — worked for Ian, and it is easy to disguise the underpants in marshalling by a smooth removal of trackky pants and underpants together!!

Caroline Makin — 50m freestyle 34.24, 100m Freestyle 1:15.00, 400m Butterfly (in 400m Freestyle event described above), 50m Butterfly 40.33 (a PB), third in 45-49 age group.

Nicolee Martin — 100m Freestyle 1:19.58, 400m Freestyle 5:55.65, 50m Breaststroke 47.27, 200m IM 3:26.90.

Atsuko McGowan — 50m Freestyle 33.34, 100m Breaststroke 1:40.96, 200m IM 2:58.26.

Luke McGowan — 50m Breaststroke 36.00, 200m Breaststroke 3:23.18. 200m Breaststroke is NOT Luke’s event; however he earned a “medal” by keeping up a good pace and something like a smile to keep faith with his kids’ enthusiastic encouragement.   On the other hand – 50m Breaststroke IS Luke’s event in which he turned out a typically fast time.

Mary-Liz Partridge — 100m Freestyle 1:32.01, 400m Freestyle 6:49.87, 100m Backstroke 1:50.79, 200m Backstroke 3:59.04.

Ann Reid — 50m Freestyle 35.90, 100m Freestyle 1:24.18, 400m Freestyle 6:17.07.

Anne Smyth — 50m Freestyle 35.47, 200m Freestyle 2:40.52, 400m IM 6:36.38 — 589 FINA points (another cracking swim competing in the 400m Freestyle event), 50m Butterfly 39.87.

Gary Stutsel — 50m Freestyle 33.05, 100m Breaststroke 1:46.62, 100m Butterfly 1:43.68, 200m IM 3:40.22, second in 70-74 age group.

Marianne Tweedie — 200m Freestyle 2:46.34, 400m Freestyle 5:51.75, 50m Backstroke 43.43, 100m Breaststroke 1:50.68; equal first in 30-34 age group.


Atsuko McGowan, Caroline Makin, Anne Smyth and Marianne Tweedie starred, winning the Women’s 160+ age group and setting a new club record.

Annette Britten, Ian Hampton, Gary Stutsel and Nicolee Martin finished a credible 2nd in the Mixed 200+ age group to a classy team from Blacktown.

Mary-Liz Partridge, Luke McGowan, Ann Reid and Roger Dietrich finished 2nd in the Mixed 160+ age group.




Vikings finished a clear second in the total club points to Campbelltown and won the trophy for best scoring visiting club. Great work!


The Campbelltown meet is always enjoyable as it is run with a nice spirit and they always put on sausage sandwiches at the end.  It also provides good competition experience in the lead up to the NSW State and (this year) the National Championships at SOPAC.

Full results are available.

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