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December, 2012:

2012 Annual Club Awards

Our 2012 Christmas Party/Presentation Night was held on the evening of Sunday 16 December 2012 at Tuggeranong Vikings Club.

As usual, the perpetual club awards/trophies were presented by our club President, Annette Britten on the evening.

Full details of the 2012 Annual Awards Winners and why they received the awards are available, but below is an intro summary with photos.

Gill and David Buckley Encouragement Award 

Presented to two swimmers this year.

The First recipient was Pauline Rohan.  Pauline has been a member of Tuggeranong Masters Swimming since 25 January 2001.  Pauline is a Thursday morning swimmer who trains consistently under the guidance of Coach Brenda Day.  Pauline also swims casually with some of our Thursday morning swimmers on another day which has helped lift her endurance. Pauline finally took the plunge into competitive swimming this year, not at one of our small interclubs but at the Alice Springs Masters Games. [read more …]

The Second recipient was Robyn Toms.  Robyn joined Tuggeranong Masters Swimming in September this year as a relatively new comer to swimming.  Robyn has a positive attitude and has thrown herself into her swimming and is really giving it a go, not only attending normal training sessions but has given the endurance sessions a go as well.  As a non-swimmer who finds coordinating strokes difficult, Robyn has been seen in the water attempting all strokes including butterfly. Robyn listens carefully (a coach’s dream) and applies the stroke direction given to her and is steadily improving under the guidance of all of our coaches. [read more …]

Tuggeranong AUSSI Masters Most Improved Swimmer

Presented to Atsuko McGowan.

Throughout this year swimming has remained one of Atsuko’s focuses and her efforts at training have shown through in the vast improvements in all of her times. Atsuko has been speedily swimming through the lanes, overtaking our faster swimmers and is now nipping on the toes of Nick Dando our fastest swimmer.

When you watch Atsuko swim it is with the greatest of ease, gliding through the water making it look so effortless. [read more …]

Swimmer of the Year

The recipient of this award was once again Pam Munday.  Although Pam has not competed in as many competitions this year her achievements are just as great. Pam has competed in the ACT Interclubs, LC Championships, Nationals and Alice Springs Masters Games.

At the LC Championships Pam swam in 5 events and came home with 5 Medals — 4 Gold Medals for the 50m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke and 200m Butterfly and a Bronze Medal for the 50m Butterfly.

Pam followed on with her medal winning hall at the National Championships where she bagged 4 Medals, 1 Gold in 200m Butterfly, 1 Silver in 100m Butterfly and 2 Bronze Medals in the 100m and 200m Breaststroke.  She narrowly missed a Bronze in the 50m Breaststroke by 51/100 second.  Pam was a member of our Golden Girls relay team also consisting of Caroline, Philippa and Brenda who took Gold in the 200+ 4x50m Women’s Medley Relay. [read more …]

Postal Swimmer of the Year

This is always a tricky award to decide the winner as there are a few regulars that enter the postal swims we have on offer. This year the award was being presented to Ann Reid. Ann is a very active member of the club both in the water and behind the scenes.  Ann regularly attends the endurance sessions and the Sunday night training sessions.  When not travelling around the country side for work, Ann will attend the Tuesday night sessions if time and family permit.

She works tirelessly behind the scenes trawling our results for club records and Top ten achievements.  We have several long suffering non swimming spouses and Peter is fortunately one of them.

Ann has competed in 3 Postal Swims this year, and was listed on the most improved list for the Bunbury Swim taking an impressive 33.12 seconds off last year’s overall time. [read more …]

Iron Person of the Year

So many people had their hand up for this award this year, the most attractive award of the night. Roger Dietrich for his dedication and the distances he travels to compete. Caroline Makin for the vast number of events entered over the course of the past twelve months, 29 in total. Greg “Iron Man” Gourley for his insanity of once again doing the triple tri and the 9km lake swim, this year without a wet suit, and the various other distance swims he competes in.

But the lucky winner of this award was Kristen Leydon.  Kristen is our little Aussie Battler who is always in there trying her best with a huge smile on her face.  Having had shoulder surgery mid last year Kristen’s achievements this year are a credit to her dogged determination.  Even last year with having had shoulder surgery, Kristen still managed to complete the Aerobics Program.

Kristen, congratulations on a fantastic adventure packed year.  You’re probably thinking did I really do all that!  Well the answer is here in black and white.  Our little Aussie Battler, keep up the great work and keep smiling.  [read more …]

Club Person of the Year

It did not take us very long to decide who we were going to give this award to. With her dedication to her swimming and the endless work done behind the scenes it was pretty evident that this award was going to Caroline Makin. Where to start!!!  Well we are going to start with Scott.

Thank you Scott for the support you have shown and for being yet another of our long suffering non swimming spouses who has been dragged around the country side from pillar to post over the past 11 months supporting Caroline who has literally thrown herself into her swimming and embarked on trying to compete in as many events as possible in 2012.

But unfortunately Scott, although you were instrumental in helping Caroline to succeed this award is not about you, it is about Caroline.  So, over to Caroline.

Over the past year Caroline has been a fantastic ambassador for Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT competing and representing the club in 29 swimming events ranging from ocean swimming, lake swimming and chasing that black line up and down the pool.

Caroline’s desire to compete in so many events is enough to make anyone exhausted, but Caroline like a little energiser battery just keeps going and going.

With all these meets comes success and a desire to be one of the most Active Swimmers in NSW for 2012.  Caroline is the No 1 ranked Branch Point Scorer for the Women’s 40-44 years age group in 2012, narrowly beating Yvette Cotton from Ryde to the post by 5 points.  Caroline was ranked 12th overall in the mixed and 4th overall in the women’s.  Not bad when you consider that the swimmers above Caroline do not have to embark on the lengthy travel time to compete.  [read more …]


Full details of the  2012 Annual Awards Winners and why they received the awards are available.

Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim — 2 December 2012

Report by Caroline Makin

Following on from the success of three Vikings in this this event in 2011, this year saw eleven Vikings take part in swimming some or all of the 9km of Lake Burley Griffin Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim on Sunday, 2 December 2012.

Solo swimmers can chose to swim in a wetsuit or no wetsuit category and require a paddler to accompany them. Teams can be made up of 2-4 swimmers and can be female, male or mixed teams.

There are 4 legs to the swim.  This year, Yarralumla Bay swimming beach was closed a couple of days before the event due to elevated levels of bacteria at this location.  The transition was moved to near to the Water Police boat ramp meaning a slightly shorter 2nd leg and slightly longer 3rd leg than normal.

The legs were as follows:

Leg 1 Scrivener Dam boom to Weston Park, 1.8 km

Leg 2 Weston Park to Yarralumla Bay, 2.4 km (normally 2.5km)

Leg 3 Yarralumla Bay to Commonwealth Place, 3.2 km (normally 2.9 km)

Leg 4 Commonwealth Place to Grevillea Park, 1.8 km

The weather forecast running up to the event was for a warm day, but with possible thunderstorms the night before and rain on the morning of the swim. However, a still and sunny start to the day meant a good smooth start for the first legs, though after about half way, clouds gathered and a westerly wind picked up, making the second half considerably tougher than the first.

First Viking off the blocks (well the dam actually) was Greg Gourley (and his paddler Brett), who yet again took on the challenge of the lake as a solo swimmer, without a wetsuit for the first time in his 9k lake swim history!

‘Ironman’ Gourley swam each leg strong and steady, grabbing some nutrition along the way from his paddler Brett, and completed the 9k in 2:43:46, finishing 2nd in his category (Solo Male 50-59) and 14th overall. Greg also managed to swim the 9km faster than many of the teams who took part!

Our three Viking teams headed off 15 minutes after the solo swimmers, hoping to pass a few along the 9k course.

Caroline Makin, who swam as a Female Duo Team ‘The Brit Sisters’ with her sister Philippa Rickard last year, partnered with Anne Smyth this year as the ‘Viking Dynamic Duo‘ swimming alternate legs, both choosing to go without wetsuits.  This year Caroline swam legs 2 & 4, rather than 1 & 3.

Anne gave the Dynamic Duo a really good start, with the third fastest female time for leg 1 and leading the rest of the Vikings out to the first transition point.

Caroline took on leg 2, swimming strongly into the shore to hand over to Anne for the big third leg – a tough swim in increasingly windy conditions, with the final choppy leg seeing Caroline romp home as the second fastest female for that leg, bringing the the Dynamic Duo over the finish line in 2:36:28.

The ‘Dynamic Duo’ came 1st in the female team category and 2nd place team behind an all-male, wetsuit-wearing team and 11th overall.

Our two mixed teams, both consisting of four swimmers taking on one leg each, held true to the real camaraderie of the Vikings and the spirit of Masters swimming, some with first time efforts in the murky waters of the lake, and there were plenty of black swans who joined the swimmers along the way!

Ian HamptonJon McRaePaul Hitchman and Brenda Day decided that wetsuits were the way to go for the ‘Viking Relics & HitchyBoy‘ team.  Ian lead out the team at a steady pace, with a skirmish in the reeds, passing the baton to Jon who headed from Weston Park around the headland and along Black Mountain peninsula, looking strong as he headed into the transition for leg 3.

The maturer relics decided they would leave the big third leg to the younger Hitch, who put in a very quick swim, handing over at the flag poles to team captain Brenda, bringing them home solidly in a time of  2:44:41.

The ‘Relics’ came 2nd in the mixed team category, 4th place team and 16th overall.

Our other mixed team, the ‘Viking Lake Cruisers‘ consisted of Kristen LeydonNicolee MartinNick Dando and Atsuko McGowan.  Kristen set off alongside Ian and Anne from the dam, and almost managed to hold onto Ian’s toes in the first leg. A gutsy effort into the stoney transition saw Kristen encourage her team mate Nicolee as she set off chasing Jon from the ‘Relics’ team along the 2.4km to Yarralumla.

Although not quite managing to catch Jon, a great swim by Nicolee meant she handed over to Nick not far behind Hitch heading off.  Nick played his role as the only male in the team taking on the big 3rd leg, and allowing the ladies the shorter legs!

A solid swim, brought Nick under Commonweath Avenue bridge and into the final transition of the day.

Last up was Atsuko, a new comer to the lake and deciding that, although her team mates had decided not to wear wetsuits, she was going to give her new suit an outing in the lake!

Atsuko ‘cruised’ beautifully into the beach at Grevillea Park to run up to the finish line bringing her team in with a time of 2:47:24.

The ‘Cruisers’ came 4th in the mixed team category, 6th fastest team and 19th overall.

Read the full race report, along with full results (both overall and by category) and take a look at the race photo album from around the course.






Individual Viking swim leg times


Wagga Wagga Ramp to Ramp Swim – 24 November 2012

Report by Kristen Leydon

On a brilliant sunny late Spring Saturday 24 November 2012, the Tuggeranong Vikings triumphed in the annual RSL 1km Ramp to Ramp swim in Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga.

In the 40-49 female category Nicolee Martin took gold and Kristen Leydon bronze from seven swimmers in their category, with 27 swimmers taking part overall. The inscription on the medals states quite an appropriate mantra “health, training, strength, power, speed, dedication”.

It was an easy, chatty drive to Wagga Wagga, the weather a hot 32 degrees and the water a surprisingly comfortable temperature – wetsuits were definitely not needed. The ladies had a quick swim just after they arrived to acclimatise before a James Bond style fast rib ride over to the start. All that was missing was the 007 theme music!

The starting group huddled surrounded by a posey of life guards on skis and rib boats. Nicolee started strong and fast and held her lead for the entire race finishing in 15:41. Kristen started out at a steady pace and overtook a few swimmers that lost steam after an early sprint and then held her place until the finish.

Overall it was a very enjoyable and successful day trip event for the Viking open water swimmers. Of course there was a celebratory lunch following the medal presentation, and next year there may be a necessary visit to the wineries!

Full results are available.