Warringah BPS Meet – 6 October 2012

Report by Roger Dietrich

Five members including Marianne Tweedie, Caroline Makin, Richard Flockart, Roger Dietrich and Cassie Lindsay,  a former member who now lives in Adelaide, attended the Warringah BPS Meet on Saturday 6 October 2012.

Some very good swims and some personal bests by all with 176 points coming home for the club, 11th place overall and 8th in the average points per swimmer.

Caroline, Marianne and Cassie all competed in the 100m Individual Medley trying to get a spot in the Rootin’, Tootin’ Medley Shootout with both Caroline and Cassie successfully making the fastest eight ladies and Marianne only just missing out by one place. Caroline was knocked out in the first round with the draw being 25m Butterfly, Cassie made it through but was knocked out in round two on the 25m Freestyle swim.

Overall individual results by age group were as follows:

Caroline Makin 1st, Cassie Lindsay 3rd, Marrianne Tweedie 3rd, Roger Dietrich 9th. Richard Flockart 13th.

Event placings in age groups were as follows:

Marianne Tweedie: 100m IM – 4th,  25m Butterfly – 2nd,  100m Freestyle – 2nd, 100m Breaststroke – 1st

Caroline Makin: 100m IM – 1st, 100m Freestyle – 1st, 100m Backstroke – 1st, 100m Butterfly – 1st

Cassie Lindsay: 100m IM – 3rd, 50m Backstroke – 1st, 50m Butterfly – 1st, 50m Freestyle – 1st

Roger Dietrich: 25m Freestyle – 3rd, 25m Butterfly – 3rd, 100m Freestyle -6th, 50m Freestyle – 8th

Richard Flockart: 25m Butterfly – 2nd, 100m Butterfly – 1st

The Vikings won the 100m Mixed Medley Relay 160+ (beating Warringah) with Caroline swimming Backstroke, Roger — Breaststroke, Richard — Butterfly and Marianne — Freestyle.

Special mention goes to Caroline Makin who is currently ranked in the Branch Top Ten point score at 7th place. With a few meets left for the year it is hoped that she can improve on that further. GO CAROLINE!!!

Full results are available.

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