NSW Relay Championships – 22 July 2012

Report by David Bale

We had six men and 11 women travel up to Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (SOPAC) for the NSW Relay Championships on Sunday, 22 July 2012. After much coordination between Ian, David and Caroline we entered 21 relay teams in this championship meet. Once again the relay championships were held in the 25m diving pool at SOPAC.

We had some fabulous results with some really good combinations in both the Freestyle swims and the Medley relays. After the 18 events during the day, our 21 relay teams enabled the Vikings to finish seventh overall.  In the 21 relays we had 7 firsts, 4 seconds, 5 thirds, 3 fourths, 1 sixth and 1 seventh, which meant that we had 16 of 21 teams coming in first, second or third place.  We were only beaten by clubs who had more teams entered, and our results highlights were as follows:


4 x 100m Women’s Freestyle 200+ : Anne Smyth, Ann Reid, Suzie Gunning, Jeanette Droop
4 x 100m Women’s Medley 160+ :  Atsuko McGowan, Caroline Makin, Philippa Rickard, Annette Britten
4 x 100m Mens’s Medley 160+ : Greg Gourley, Luke McGowan, David Bale, Rickard Flockart
4 x 25 m Women’s Freestyle 160+ : Atsuko McGowan, Annette Britten, Caroline Makin, Philippa Rickard
4 x 25 m Women’s Freestyle 200+ : Jeanette Droop, Suzie gunning, Ann Reid, Anne Smyth
4 x 50m Women’s Medley 200+ : Liz Needham, Caroline Makin, Anne Smyth, Ann Reid
4 x 25m Women’s Medley 200+ : Jeanette Droop, Suzie gunning, Ann Reid, Anne Smyth


4 x 100m Women’s Freestyle 160+ : Caroline Makin, Nicolee Martin, Atsuko McGowan, Philippa Rickard
4 x 25m Mixed Freestyle 160+ : David Bale, Liz Needham, Richard Flockart, Philippa Rickard
4 x 50m Women’s Freestyle 200+ : Jeanette Droop, Suzie Gunning, Nicolee Martin, Anne Smyth
4 x 100m Mixed Medley 160+ : Atsuko McGowan, Luke McGowan, Philippa Rickard, Richard Flockart


4 x 50m Mixed Medley 160+ : Kristen Leydon, Luke McGowan, Caroline Makin, Roger Dietrich
4 x 25m Men’s Freestyle 200+ : Greg Gourley, Roger Dietrich, Jon McRae, Luke McGowan
4 x 50m Men’s Medley 200+ : David Bale, Greg Gourley, Richard Flockart, Jon McRae
4 x 100m Mixed Freestyle 160+ : Atsuko McGowan, Roger Dietrich, Annette Britten, David Bale
4 x 25m Women’s Medley 160+ : Liz Needham, Annette Britten, Nicolee Martin, Kristen Leydon

Our club recorder, Ann Reid, performed some calculations relating to averages points per swimmer, based on the actual number of relays swum by each club, and this calculation showed that Tuggeranong came away with top points on average per swimmer! … Tuggeranong with 16.86 closely followed by Seaside Pirates in second position with 16.85. Go Tuggeranong!!!

Well done to all our Vikings — an impressive performance.  It was a great meet, with the true embodiment of friendship and fun amongst the teammates and competitors.

Full results are available.

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