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July, 2012:

Hunter Festival of Sport – 14 July 2012

Meet report by Caroline Makin

Caroline Makin travelled to the Central Coast, NSW to compete at Toronto on Lake Macquarie on Saturday,14 July 2012 in the NIB Hunter Festival of Sport. Her main focus for making this long trip was to take the 15-year long standing 40-44 year age group club record for the SC 800m Backstroke!  She also decided to have a go at two sprint events whilst she was there.

Caroline’s second reason for heading to this beautiful area of NSW was to go wine tasting in the Hunter Valley with her hubby Scott!

Heading to the pool an hour before warm up, Caroline attended the Masters Swimming timekeeper’s course to allow her to get her timekeeping official qualification.

After a brief warm up in a pool with the smallest starting block she’d ever seen, Caroline came out of the pool thinking that the water felt a bit on the warm side and her mouth felt a bit dry. After a big drink to quench her thirst, she took her turn to doing some timekeeping for the 400m events.

Caroline’s first swim of the day was her target event – the 800m Backstroke. The first 200-300m felt OK, but then she started to get a really sore throat, her mouth started to get really dry, and she could feel herself getting really hot.  From that point on, the sore throat, dry/numb mouth just got worse and worse, and by the time she got to the 500-600m mark, her face felt like it was burning up.  She struggled through what was a pretty unpleasant experience, but still managed to come home in time just over her endurance PB of 13:35, smashing the  club record by near to three minutes!

All the swimmers at the event agreed the pool was too hot and everyone was complaining about the affect of the water and the horrible mouth dryness/numbness. The consensus of opinion was that was too much chlorine in the pool and Caroline’s throat was still sore the next day!

Caroline also swam a solid 100m Backstroke and a great personal performance in the 50m Butterfly, knocking 0.8s off her previous PB.

30 points and 1st place in her age group, Caroline went on to truly celebrate at the wineries at the Hunter Valley the next day!

Full results are available.

Trinity BPS Meet – 23 June 2012

Meet report by Caroline Makin

Three Vikings … Two Vikings … One Viking!

Three Vikings, Caroline MakinDavid Bale and Roger Deitrich entered the Trinity BPS Meet on Saturday 23 June 2012, which is held at a private school in the inner west of Sydney.

However, it turned out that there was only one lonely Viking on the pool deck that day!

Unfortunately, Roger had to pull out of the event the night before due to family committments, which left the Viking duo of David and Caroline ready to gain some more BPS points for the club.

Caroline headed to the pool ready for the 10am warm up and finished her warm up and was getting ready to swim in event 1B, but there was still no sign of David.  David was also meant to be summing in event 1B!  A text message from Caroline to David received no response, so Caroline was left wondering where her Viking companion was …. for the whole meet!

The Trinity pool is an old 25m pool with a sloping deep end and springboards and diving towers entwined amongst the starting blocks.  Quite an unusual set up for Australia, although more familiar for Caroline, the Brit, as this was a common set up in pools in the 1980s in the UK!

Caroline Makin achieved 39 from a possible 40 points, finishing in 2nd place in her age group with good solid swims in 200m Backstroke, 100m Individual Medley, 50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle.

David Bale achieved ZERO points, due to being under the impression that the meet was on the Sunday and not the Saturday, so whilst Caroline was swimming her events, David was in the car driving up to Sydney!  Next time, remember to check the day the meet is on!! 😉

Full results are available.