ACT Interclub Triple Meet – 25 March 2012

Report by Greg Gourley

On the 25 March 2012, 18 water-hardened Vikings set sail in their longships for the thermal seas of  CISAC, where the ACT Interclub Triple Meet battle against the Molonglo Water Dragons and the aloof Ginninderra Marlins was to take place.  The band of Vikings came from near (Canberra), far (Wagga Wagga), as well as foreign lands (Pommy Land).

The battle took place from 3pm without the Ginninderra Marlins, who had probably heard about the awesomeness of the Vikings Clan.

Gary & Audrey Stutsel supported loyal followers ran an excellent meet.  Three 50 metre lanes were very busy with continuous waves of swimmers battling it out.  The afternoon was enjoyed by everyone.  The swimming performances were as usual — some fast ones, some slow ones and some with a bit of << unmentionable>> ones!

At the end of the meet, to record their victory, the Vikings donned blood coloured shirts for a portrait so that they could tell all future challengers of their awesomeness. Actually Caz and Phil’s parents were visiting from England and they are told that back in the mother country their dad always wore a red shirt at their swim meets, hence the blood coloured shirts in the photo.

After the meet a good number of the competitors, friends and family went to the Southern Cross Club at Jamison to celebrate and to retell heightened tales from the event.

Full results are available.

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