Cole Classic Ocean Swim – 5 February 2012

Report by Anne Smyth

Over 4500 swimmers participated in t the 1km, 2km and 9km Cole Classic ocean swims on Sunday, 5 March 2012 at Manly, NSW.

The Cole Classic is a huge spectacle and it is a great event to be part of. Tuggeranong Masters  was represented by three Viking ladies: Anne Smyth, Caroline Makin and Karen Brown, who all competed in the 2km event.

When Anne and Caz arrived at Manly on the morning of the swim, they viewed the beach with some trepidation as it was very wild and rough, and then realised the whole beach was closed as the conditions were so dangerous!  Instead of finishing in the surf on Manly Beach, the swim was being run in and out of Shelley Beach.  So, the Vikings set off on the walk over  to Shelley Beach and then watched wave after wave of swimmers enter the water … each waving setting off at 10-minute intervals.  After a while it was the turn of theses Viking pool swimmers to taken on the ocean. Karen, Caz and Anne lined up on the beach with all the women over 40 — there were a lot! On go, Caz sprang into the water and started swimming – Anne and Karen followed into the mass of arms and legs.

After rounding the first buoy, the swimmers headed parallel to the shoreline along Manly Beach to North Steyne Surf Club.  It was a long way  in a HUGE swell — swimming just behind the break and the turning buoy was set almost where the waves were capping. There was a continual strong pull pushing the swimmer in towards the shore, so it was hard to stay on course.  All that the swimmers could think about was getting to the furthest buoy and trying to maintain some sense of rhythm in their strokes!  Finally, the last turning buoy was in sight and after fighting the current, the Vikings swam for the beach and made it across the finishing line!!

A fantastic result from Anne, bringing home a beautiful trophy ceramic plate for her strong swim, finishing 2nd/35 in her age division in a time of 36:25.

Caz managed to swim alongside Anne for the first 800m or so, and crossed the finish line only a short time after her, finishing 7th/73 in a very fast field in her age division, in a time of 37:05.

Karen put in a stirling effort as a relative newbie to open water swimming and did a great job finishing 24th/45 in her age division in a time of 46:41.

A challenging, but very rewarding event to complete, and these Vikings will definitely do the event next year — it was an achievement and a great swim to be part of.  Come and join us!  We also had a lovely weekend in Manly – lots of seafood and wine!

Full results are available.


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