Campbelltown BPS Meet – 25 February 2012

Report by David Bale and Ian Hampton

The sun was bright and warm in Campbelltown  on Saturday 25 February for the first Masters BPS Meet in the 50m solar heated outdoor pool.  25 February is near the end of summer and this was just about the best day of the summer — sunny, warm, with some afternoon breeze.  The pool temperature was also spot-on — a perfect day.

This year the Campbelltown BPS Meet was held only three weeks before the NSW Long Course Championships, so it was selected as a targeted meet.  Eleven Vikings, including 2nd claim members Roger Deitrich and Opal Eddy, nominated and it turned out to be a pretty good day for all.

The 400m Freestyle event started the meet off and Tuggeranong had  7 of our 11 members swimming. The pace then quickened, with the 100m Butterfly and Backstroke events.  The fastest events of the meet were saved for events 7 through to 11 with the 50m races and the relays.

We had two Medley Relay reams:  The quick ladies with Atsuko McGowan, Caz Makin, and the two Ann(e)s – Smyth and Reid in the 160+ age group followed by our Mixed team of Opal Eddy, Roger Deitrich, Ian Hampton and Brenda Day in the 240+ age group.  The Ladies finished first in a very close finish whilst the 240+ competed well against tough competition.

Our team had some awesome results with the club finishing 3rd overall behind Campbelltown and Warringah and 5th place on points per competitor.


Individual age group results included: Atsuko McGowan 4th, Annette Britten 4th; Caroline Makin  =1st, Ann Reid 4th, Anne Smyth 2nd, Cecelia Kaye 1st, Brenda Day 3rdOpal Eddy 3rd, David Bale 1st, Roger Deitrich 10th, Ian Hampton =1st

Congratulations to all our swimmers.  As a club, we showed that even though we are now in the First Division this year, we can still be competitive – we finished ahead of Manly who had the same number of swimmers.

It was a great meet that gave all those who participated, a good gauge at where they were at in preparation for the NSW LC State Championships in mid-March.

Individual results summary:

Annette Britten — 50m Backstroke in 45.46 — 1st, 100m Backstroke in 1:38.48 — 1st, 200m Backstroke in 3:39.32 — 1st

Brenda Day — 50m Backstroke in 52.27 — 1st, 100m Backstroke in 1:54.58 — 2nd, 200m Individual Medley in 4:08.33 — 2nd, 400m Freestyle in 7:22.07 — 1st

Opal Eddy — 50m Backstroke in 1:28.77 — 2nd, 50m Breaststroke in 1:50.15 — 1st, 100m Backstroke in 3:03.19 — 3rd, 400m Backstroke in 14:43.67, overall 3rd in 85-89 age group

Cecelia Kaye — had a day of quiet achievement — 50m Freestyle in 39.21 — 1st, 50m  Breaststroke in 53.22s — 1st, 100m Backstroke in 1:48.69 — 1st, 100m Breaststroke in 1:55.28 — 1st, overall — 1st in 60-64 age group

Caroline Makin — 50m Freestyle in 34.79 —  2nd, 50m Breaststroke in 45.28 — 1st, 100m Breaststroke in 1:41.61 — 1st, 400m Freestyle in 5:54.79s — 1st, overall 1st in 40-44 age group

Atsuko McGowan — had a shoulder injury but showed true Samurai spirit— 50m Freestyle in 33.2 — 1st, 50m Backstroke in 36.95 — 1st, 100m Backstroke in 1:20.98 — 1st

Ann Reid — 50m Freestyle in 36.08 — 2nd, 100m Freestyle in 1:25.89 — 2nd, 200m Butterfly in 4:08.80 — 1st, 400m Freestyle in 6:18.74 — 3rd

Anne Smyth — 50m Butterfly in 40.79 — 1st, 100m  Backstroke in 1:36.91 — 1st, 200m Freestyle in 2:52.79 — 1st, 400m Freestyle in 5:51.00 — 2nd, overall 2nd in 50-54 age group

David Bale — 50 freestyle in 31.67s — 1st, 50 butterfly in 37.24s — 1st, 100 freestyle in 1:09.77s — 2nd, 400 individual medley in 6:59.88s, overall 1st in 35-39 age group

Roger Dietrich — improving with every swim — 50m Freestyle in 39.68 – 4th, 100 m Breaststroke in 2:02.81 — 5th, 200m Freestyle in 3:38.14 — 2nd, 400m Freestyle in 7:45.06 — 5th

Ian Hampton — 50m Freestyle in 35.77 — 2nd, 100m  Breaststroke in1:39.67 — 1st, 100m Butterfly in 1:34.63 — 1st, 200m Individual Medley in 3:26.44 — 1st, overall equal 1st in age group

Atsuko, Caroline, Anne S and Ann R who swam a great anchor leg won the women’s 200+ medley relay in 2:40.55.

Opal, Roger, Ian and Brenda came 3rd in the Mixed 240+ medley relay in 3:40.53s.

Overall Vikings came 3rd in total club points behind Campbelltown Collegians and Warringah.

Full results are available.

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