2012 Family & Friends Surf Weekend

Report by Jeanette Droop

Surf DudeOn the weekend of the 17-19 February 2012, six members their partners and families ventured down the coast for the club’s annual family and friends surf trip. This year we stayed at a large holiday house at Longbeach (5 minutes north of Batemans Bay).

It was with a fair amount of concern that we all drove down the Clyde on Friday evening as the weather was wet and miserable. It was bucketing down and visibility was close to nil. Not a great start to a weekend away with 18 people sharing a house. Thankfully, there was no need to worry as we woke to a bright, hot and clear Saturday morning with no sign of clouds anywhere.

The surfers got off to the traditional early start to meet the instructor (www.soulrider.com.au) at Cookies Beach near Durras Village. This beach was ideal: tucked away, quiet and thankfully rolling in small to medium waves with regular intervals. The water was fantastic, crystal clear and refreshingly cool. A great place for beginner and novice surfers.  On the beach we practiced the correct method to lie on the board and move quickly to a standing position (easily done by the supple and lighter members of the group). The real challenge began when we got into the water.

As shown during the past trips the ‘nippers’ within the group proved to be fast learners. Helen’s children Rachel, Benny and Josh easily mastered the lying down, reading the swell and standing on the board. They were soon catching waves and hanging ten into the beach. The adults among us also managed to hang ten quite a few times with Luke, Atsuko, Jeanette and Richard catching many a wave.  At one stage the group was joined by a group of dolphins but they left before we had a chance to paddle closer.

Meanwhile, back on the beach our contingent of non surfers had set up camp and also enjoyed a swim and paddle. Annette, Veronica, Rod and Garry looked after the younger members.  Many a sandcastle was constructed with moats and walls only to be demolished by rogue waves and young feet having a great time jumping on them.

Saturday afternoon was down time as everyone recovered and relaxed. The seven children got along extremely well and played games from the house’s well stocked games cupboard or had a sleep to recharge the batteries. The adults mingled over lunch and relaxed as well.

Everyone pitched in to prepare a large and tasty feast shared by all on Saturday night. This was a barbeque held at Maloney’s Beach.  As usual the group entertained themselves in the Australian way: men doing the cooking and participating in secret man’ business, ladies having a pleasant wine and chat and the children running around having a great time.

Sunday was another gorgeous day with the weather and coast picture perfect. Everyone went their own way. Richard and Greg went to Bawley Point for another surf lesson but miss judged the travelling time and missed the lesson. Jeanette and Rod launched the canoe at Longbeach and paddled with a dolphin flicking water at them and swimming under the bow.

“Fun, friendship” … and a little bit of “fitness” was had by all of us over the weekend and we were all thankfully our prayers for the rain to stop were answered.

We look forward to heading off again too the coast in February 2013 and we hope to see lots of members and family/friends taking part in this annual event.

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