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March, 2012:

Broulee Bay to Breakers Ocean Swim – 11 March 2012

Report by Jeanette Droop

The inaugural Bay to Breakers Ocean Swim at Broulee was held on Sunday 11 March 2012.

Jeanette Droop and Karen Brown travelled over the mountain to brave the elements and dodge the sharks. On the day the weather was warm and clear with a bright blue sky.  A small group of supporters: Rod, Mij and Greg and Karen’s family cheered them on from the rocks and the beach.  Tim Booth from Molongo Water Dragons and ex members Mike Snoad and Suzanne Kelly were also competing.

Due to a rip heading towards the rocks and reef the 1.2km course was extended to about 1.4km to ensure the safety of the swimmers. The water temperature was a refreshing and invigorating 18 degrees and the visibility in the water was murky.  The start of the course looked smooth however from the first dive after the whistle the girls found that looks can be deceptive; it was like swimming in a washing machine. It took a while to get used to swimming in with the swell.  By the time they were heading for the finish line at Broulee Beach the waves had picked up and Karen was unceremoniously dumped by a breaker losing her goggles!

Both Viking ladies  were pleased with their swim and the results. 178 people participated in the event. Their  results were:

Karen Brown finished in 33:02 in 10th place in the Female 40-49 age group and 125th overall.

Jeanette Droop finished in 26:09 in 3rd place in the Female 50-59 age group and 54th overall.

Full results are available.

Sydney Harbour Swim – 11 March 2012

Report by Philippa Rickard

Another weekend in Sydney for three Vikings swimmers (and a supporter husband)! This time they weren’t seeing the inside the four walls of a swimming pool, but instead, when taking a breath, they saw the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge — you just can’t beat that!

Caroline & Scott Makin and Philippa Rickard started the weekend with some relaxing time on Manly beach on the Saturday afternoon, followed by a couple of cold beers in at the Bavarian Beer Café and sampling the locally brewed ‘4 Pines’.  After meeting up with Kristen Leydon, they continued the socially acceptable pastime of dinner and a few drinks!

Sunday morning arrived (together with fuzzy heads) and they all headed to the Opera House for an early start at 8am.  The racing started with the celebrity 900m race (the Vikings thought they’d leave that up to the people in their luminous Budgie Smugglers!).

Next up was the 1km Mini Classic Swim in which both Kristen and Philippa were swimming.  All the Female swimmers squeezed into the very small area behind the start line (with all the arms & legs flailing to tread water, trying to avoid getting hit)!

Philippa was overtaken half way by a couple of purple hats, but held on to finish 7th Female overall and ended up a happy 2nd place in the Women’s 35-44 age group with a time of 16:04.  Kristen got another solid mighty open water swim under her belt in 23:17 finishing in 16th place in he Women’s 35-44 age group.

Caz was up next in the 2km Classic Swim and was in the 4th wave alongside all Males and Females in the 40-49 age groups.  She had a great swim and was racing all the way to the steps … ran up the steps and over to the finish line when from a distance she just disappeared!  Scott and Philippa looked at each other and said “OMG she’s fallen!”. Whereas most swimmers just walked/ran over the finish line, Caz decided to make it a finish to remember by sliding over the line on her bottom!  As well as taking 4th place in the Women’s 40-44 age group in a time of 30:48 and 24th overall Female, she also took home a very big bruise and bloodied elbows!!

Full Results are available.

Blacktown BPS Meet – 4 March 2012

Report by Philippa Rickard

Three swimmers (Roger Dietrich, Caroline Makin and Philippa Rickard) travelled through the heavy rain up to the Blacktown BPS Meet in Sydney to very welcoming sunshine on 4 March 2012. Not even the floods in Wagga Wagga were going to stop Roger making it to the swim meet with his family.

Blacktown is a lovely pool to swim in and there was the luxury of electronic timing which is unusual at a BPS meet. The only downside was the half height starting blocks at the shallow end for the 50m swims to counteract the very shallow water – luckily no heads hit the bottom on the dives!  The trio accumulated 97 points for the club between them.

Roger and Caroline swam in the maximum four individual events, whilst Philippa thought three was plenty!

Roger Deitrich

50-54 50m Freestyle 00:39.57 4th
50-54 100m Freestyle 01:32.98 2nd
50-54 50m Butterfly 00:52.43 3rd
50-54 200m Freestyle 03:31.50 5th

Caroline Makin

40-44 100m Backstroke 01:31.30 1st
40-44 100m Freestyle 01:16.53 3rd
40-44 50m Backstroke 00:41.05 1st
40-44 200m Freestyle 02:48.80 1st

Philippa Rickard

40-44 50m Freestyle 00:31.40 1st
40-44 100m Butterfly 01:14.92 1st
40-44 50m Butterfly 00:32.42 1st

Full Results are available.