Tuggeranong Challenge – 26 November 2011

Home meet caps successful year for Tuggeranong Masters Swim Club

Meet report by Caroline Makin

Our very own Pam Munday won the 2011 Tuggeranong Challenge held at the Lakeside Leisure Centre Pool on Saturday 26 November.

Our club holds this meet each November, and this year the meet attracted Masters swimmers from the Vikings, the other two Canberra Clubs – Molonglo Water Dragons and Gininderra Club – and from three Sydney Masters’ Clubs.  The “Challenge” rewards the swimmer who, over three swims50m, 100m and 200m – each in a different stroke – consistently swims closest to his/her nominated times – it is a challenge for the thinking swimmer rather than the fastest.

In winning the overall event, Pam Munday swam 100m Backstroke in 1:46.04 (only 0.04 seconds slower than her nominated time), swam 50m Butterfly in 46.29 (0.29 s slower) and completed a 200m Individual Medley in 3:33.26 (1.74 seconds faster).  Consequently, Pam’s total time difference was only 2.07 seconds, the smallest of all the competitors.  Second place was awarded to Philippa Rickard with a total time difference on 2.68 seconds, and third was Ann Reid (winner of the challenge the last two years) with a total time difference of 4.19 seconds.

 The Event 1 winner for the 100m event, was Pam Munday with a difference time of 0.04 seconds compared to her nominated time. In second place was Atsuko McGowan with a difference of 0.10 seconds and in third place Ann Reif with a difference of 0.23 seconds.

 The Event 2 winner for the 50m event was Philippa Rickard with a difference time of 0.12 seconds compared to her nominated time. In joint second place were Ian Hampton and Mark Patterson with a difference of 0.16 seconds.

 The Event 3 winner for the 200m event was Cassie Anderson with a difference time of 0.05 seconds compared to her nominated time. In second place was Yvette Cotton with a difference of 0.20 seconds and in third place Jeanette Droop with a difference of 1.44 seconds.

This swim meet is also well known for its fun events of a ‘Muddled Medley’ event where competitors swim a 100m Individual Medley in a muddled order as presented to each competitor as they go to the starting line;

Donning the Vikings Hat

Starting the Novelty Relay

a ‘4x50m Novelty Relay’ which is a fun event where competitors don Vikings hats in the spirit of this meet.

Novelty Relay

The finale of the meet is the ‘Shoot Out Relay’ which is a handicapped event with swimmers being placed in teams on the day, swimming the same stroke as their 50m choice (as entered in the individual 50m event).

This all made for a fun afternoon followed by a social evening at the Vikings Club in Tuggeranong, where the Challenge awards were presented by our Club President – Annette Britten.
This event wrapped up a very successful year for Tuggeranong Master Swimming ACT.

Annette Britten - President of Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT

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