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January, 2012:

Tathra Wharf 2 Waves 2012

Tathra Wharf2Waves

Report by Brenda Day

The annual Wharf2Waves event was held on 22 January 2012 at Tathra on the beautiful Sapphire Coast. This event is family-oriented and it was a cracker of a day weather-wise.

Our team of twelve “pool swimming” Viking members challenged the ocean in one or both of the 600m and 1200m distances on offer and proved to be a very strong force in the open water.

The swims start in deep water from the historic wharf and the water temperature is unpredictable at Tathra and can change dramatically overnight and wetsuits are permitted. Conditions were very favourable for EXCEPTIONALLY fast times this year. Water temperature was about 20 degrees with a slight chop, but waves were moderate and the water was clear.

A great weekend – CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part!

More event information and full results are available at www.tathrawharf2waves.com. Our members results including placings and times are listed below:

600m Age Dash

14-17 Female

Georgina Coggins 11th/17 (9:31) – Mandy Coggins’s daughter

30-39 Female

Kristy Messenger 1st/16 (8:04)
Atsuko McGowan 3rd/16 (8.42)  – a “gutsy” swim after a DNF in 2011

40-49 Female

Philippa Rickard 1st/39 (6:02)
Caroline Makin 6th/39 (6:59)
Kristen Leydon 17th/39 (8:32)

50-59 Female

Katrina Ewing 2nd/19 (6:20) – former member
Anne Smyth 3rd/19  (6:34)

60-69 Male

Ian Hampton 4th/10  (7:52)
Peter Coggins 10th/10 (13:32) – former member showing admirable determination after DNF in 2011

60-69 Female

Brenda Day 1st/6 (8:08)

70+ Female

Jill Mortlock 1st/1 (11:54) – life member and what a woman!

1200m Splash for Cash – Female (49 swimmers)

Philippa Rickard 8th (19:33)
Anne Smyth 12th (19:51)
Katrina Ewing 18th (20:09)
Caroline Makin  22nd (20:38)
Kristy Messenger 24th (21:04)
Mandy Coggins 39th (25:46)
Karen Brown  40th (25:52) – next challenge – The Cole Classic 2k .. go Karen!
Kristen Leydon 44th (26:17)

1200m Splash for Cash – Female (94 swimmers)

Tom Boyce 14th (19:24)
Ian Hampton 51st (23:39)
Sam Coggins 71st (25:30) – Mandy Coggin’s son

2011 Annual Club Awards

 Swimmer TrophyWe held our 2011 Christmas Party/Presentation Night on the evening of Sunday 11 December 2011 at Tuggeranong Vikings Club.  It was great to have lots of our members and their families attending.

The perpetual club awards/trophies were presented on the evening.

 The winners of the 2011 Awards were as follows:

Gill and David Buckley Encouragement Award Bill Eversham
Tuggeranong AUSSI Masters Most Improved Swimmer Frank Hubner
Postal Swimmer of the Year Jane Lindsay
Judy Gallagher Memorial Trophy Swimmer of the Year Pam Munday
Iron Person of the Year Greg Gourley
Club Person of the Year Ann Reid

Full details of the 2011 Annual Awards award winners and why they received the awards are available.

Wests Auburn Long Distance Meet – 3 December 2011

A trio of Viking ladies left Canberra early on the morning of Saturday 3 December 2011 to compete at the Wests Auburn Long Distance Meet.

With Suzie Gunning at the driving wheel, the trio of Suzie, Pam Munday and Caroline Makin had not only a lot of metres of swimming ahead of them, but also a lot of Kilometres of driving for the day trip  to Sydney.

The sun was shining for this long distance meet in the 50m outdoor pool at Auburn, and the ladies were ready to put in the laps in the crystal clear water.

 First off the blocks was Caroline in her first ever attempt at a 1500m Freestyle race, finishing in 3rd place behind two of the top ranked freestyle swimmers in her age group, and setting a new club record in the process.

 Next up, Suzie took on the 400m Freestyle event and came home gallant in 1st place in her age group.

 The 400m Breaststroke event saw Pam and Caroline swimming in the same heat in lanes next to each other! Caroline took off in her usual ‘sprinting’ fashion over the first 100m. Caroline touched just ahead of Pam at the 200m mark, and then Pam showed her aerobic power and experience and her excellent pacing skills over the second half of the race, pulling ahead at the 250m and pushing on hard to finish 6 seconds ahead of Caroline. Pam placed 1st in her age group, setting a club record and a NSW state record. Caroline also finished 1st and set a new club record in her age group.

 Suzie followed up her 400m freestyle swim with an 800m Freestyle, again finishing in 1st place – a double freestyle first place header for Suzie!

 Finally, Pam finished the day off with another 1st place, club record and NSW state record in the 800m Breaststroke. Congrats to Pam on two more well-deserved NSW state records to add to her collection.

The triumphant trio headed back to Canberra tired from racing 4,300m between them in one day!

Full results available.