Tuggeranong Trifecta Postal Swim – July/August 2011

In July and August, we held our very own Tuggeranong Trifecta – three swims (a 400m, an 800m and a 1500m) each in a different stroke.

There were 24 entries (20 females, four males) from five clubs: Tuggeranong (10), Alice AUSSI (8), Bunbury (4), and one each from Albany Creek and Aqua Jets.

The most popular stroke for each distance across all swimmers was Individual Medley for the 400m, Backstroke for the 800m and Freestyle for the 1500m Freestyle.

Except for an 800m butterfly all strokes and distances were represented; Adrian Davis and Ann Reid using their gold medal efforts from the Long Distance Championships (yes, 1500m Butterfly!) as part of their entries.

Full Results are available.



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