NSW Long Distance Championships – 28 August 2011

Meet report by Adrian Davis & Caroline Makin

On the weekend of 27/28 August 2011, Adrian Davis had the misguided fortune of heading off to the NSW Long Distance (Short Course) Championships at Kurri Kurri (in the Hunter Valley) with a bunch of (sometimes) crazy Tuggeranong swimmers – David Bale, Ann Reid, Pam Munday and Caroline Makin  – personal opinion only, but backed  by qualified and first-hand experiences!

Vikings Five Win State Long Distance Champs 2011 Division 2 Trophy

Most of the ‘credit’ for our hair-raising road-trip goes to Ann Reid, as she organised the very roomy and comfortable Kia Grand Carnival hire car and our designated drivers (if that’s the right word) for the long trip ahead.

Our luxury transport for the trip to the Hunter Valley

A few comments overheard (above the gasps and screams) during our trip down memory lane:

David’s comment as he was put in control at the wheel: “This really takes off!”(You can imagine how the rest of us felt!)

Caz’s opinion of her hubby’s driving: “Scott’s a sensible driver, but he’s very good!” (Makes you wonder what we’re about to experience.)

Pam’s comments about her husband’s driving: “Graeme always drives to the speed limit. If it’s 80km/hr, that’s what you do. If it’s 110km/hr, that’s what you do. Isn’t that the law?” (Adrian’s thoughts entirely, but no use telling Adrian, Pam – he’s not driving!)

Adrian’s comment (as we tail-gated yet another unfortunate driver whilst David was behind the wheel): “Can you smell something?” …. “What?” (the reply from the others) … “I think it’s the bum of the driver in front of us?” Adrian said.

We had the opportunity to sniff several other ‘bums’ during the trip whilst David was driving (just in case we missed the first, second, third, ….vehicle.)

Caz’s comment, after being given the controls for the start of the return journey: “Oh! It’s an automatic. It’s been a long time since I drove one of these.’” (We quickly found this out, as she repeatedly tried to push on the ‘clutch’ pedal as we left the pool complex. Thankfully, we were all wearing our seat belts. However, David was just about to eat his salad… which instantly became a ‘tossed salad’!

Adrian’s comment (after a near rear-end collision): “I just sh*t my pants, but no need to worry. You stopped so fast, it went back in!” David’s comment: (following Adrian’s almost lack of bowel control) “Gee this thing has good brakes!” (We were all really pleased about that, especially Ann, as she was lucky enough to be in the front seat.)

Ann’s comment on the way up to Kurri Kurri: “Adrian you’ll have to sit in the front seat on the return journey to make sure David stays awake, as the rest of us prefer not to drive at night” (something about laser-eye surgery?). As it was, Pam, Caz and David talked non-stop about their beloved other favourite pastime, Skiing/Snowboarding,  all the way from Goulburn to Canberra. Adrian loves the snow SO MUCH that he found himself struggling to stay awake. In the past that part of the trip has seemed relatively short to Adrian!

A pastime other than swimming???

During the trip home, David talked about things he had on his ‘Bucket List’.  Adrian did think this subject was a little premature for him, however, after this trip, the rest of us have decided to work on ours, as well!!  Thank you David for inspiring us.

All jokes aside, we all had a rewarding trip away (and we lived to write this report). It was great to be with such a friendly group of Club swimmers, who were fun loving, sociable and always supportive, which was was wonderful as it took us about 10 hours of travel time.

Apart from the road trip, we did go to Kurri Kurri for the purpose of swimming in the State Long Distance Championships … there were three distances available to compete in – 1500m, 800m and 400m.


Our results were worth the effort. Our group of five came away with one silver and nine gold medals. Not only were medals gained, but records were also set. Adrian set a new NSW Branch record for the 1500m Butterfly. This was surpassed by Pam’s effort in the 400m Butterfly, claiming the National record!!!  Our swimmers also set a number of Club records as well! Congratulations.

Our Results


Ann Reid

1500m Butterfly — First (36:50:43) – Club record – Ann’s first ever competitive swim in this event. Will it be the last? We hope not.

400m Butterfly — First (9:02:81) – Club record – Really Ann! You just had to do a warm-down swim, didn’t you?

Pam Munday

400m Butterfly — First (7:42:57) – Club record  and National record!!! Pam actually miscounted her laps, and thought she still had 4 laps to go. Just think what time she could have swum, if she had counted properly!

400m Freestyle — First (7:05:91) – Just to prove the body was still functioning — the decision is still pending!

Caroline Makin

800m Freestyle — Second (11:51:69) – Club record – What a swim! Such determined effort! Caz wanted to swim in the same heat as David in this event to push her along. She managed to persuade the marshal to squeeze her into the same heat and it worked … they both did great PBs.

400m Backstroke — First (6:38:35) – Club record – Her arms were definitely still there, as Caz could feel them throbbing all the way through this swim!

David Bale

800m Freestyle — First (11:39:78) – Club record – This swim looked strong and David came home really well.  David was determined not to let Caz beat him from three lanes away, and to keep up with the swimmer in the next lane to him who was aiming for an 11:30 time. He certainly proved he’s made of the right kind of stuff to ‘race’.

400m Individual Medley — First (6:33:81) – Club record – His race against the ‘old man’ lived up to its name. Going into the final turn just behind Adrian in the next lane, David put his foot down and clawed back the deficit to claim a win over the floundering silly old bugger!

Adrian Davis

1500m Butterfly — First (27:57:63) – Club record and NSW Branch record! A good swim to do after a couple of hours sleep, thanks to the party at the Motel/Pub that we were staying at.

400m Individual Medley — First (6:34:91) – Club record – A new time for David to set his eyes on in 22 years time (when he’s 60). He shouldn’t have pushed Adrian so much – who’s the ‘silly old fart’ now?

Full results are available.

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