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June, 2011:

24 Hour Mega Swim — 4/5 June 2011

On the weekend of 4/5 June 2011, an intrepid bunch of swimmers and supporters settled in at the AIS Pool for the Canberra 24 Hour Mega Swim.

The AIS Canberra 24 Hour Mega Swim raises money for MS Australia’s Go For Gold scholarship program, and ran from 12 noon on Saturday 4th to 12 noon on Sunday 5th June 2011 .

Report by Anne Smyth & Caroline Makin

This was a huge event with over $102,00 raised from MS, and our two Vikings teams – the SENSATIONS lead by captain Anne Smyth and the SUPERSTARS lead by captain Caroline Makin, swam a combined total of 144.10 kms and raised $6589.70. What a fantastic effort!!

Vikings Mega Swimmers

Not only did we support MS, but we also managed to clock up a huge amount of aerobic swims which should see us in close contention to win the trophy this year!

Asuko was a late withdrawal due to illness, but our iron women Suzie and Leisa stepped up and swam an extra half hour each during the afternoon to fill her spot.  Jeff also had a late replacement due to an eye op, with Hitch swimming in his spot.   Jane arrived hot off the plane from England — her jet lag worked to her advantage — she thought she was swimming in the morning in England!

Sensations Liz & Jeanette

The pool was pumping with music booming out to help us all stay motivated, with some swimmers staying up all night counting laps and timekeeping.  Ann put in a fabulous dance performance to the Macarena at 4am, whilst lollies and chocolate kept us going with David almost overdosing on Red Bull!

Ann Reid Dances The Macerana at 4am!

The night went pretty quickly, with Greg notching up a mammoth two-hour non-stop straight swim and and a number of swimmers clocking up two and three hours of swimming over the night shift.

David, Caroline and Philippa finished off the off the last half hour of the 24 hours of mega swimming for the Superstars, doing 3x200m relay repeats as a last surge to knock off as many laps as possible, alongside Anne bringing the Sensations home for their final leg.

Superstars ....... David, Caroline & Philippa's Final Relay Dash

Our teams were…

Tuggeranong Masters Swim SENSATIONS Tuggeranong Masters Swim SUPERSTARS
Anne Smyth Caroline Makin
Annette Britten David Bale
Jeanette Droop Philippa Rickard
Ann Reid Jill Blomeley
Jane Lindsay Kristen Leydon
Ian Hampton Veronika Ferfolia
Brenda Day Richard Brown
Paul Hitchman Leisa Cass
Lily Gilroy Julia Everingham
Pam Munday Suzie Gunning
Mandy Coggins Kristy Messenger
Liz Needham Mark Raymond
Jeff Day Atsuko McGowan

A big thank you to all those who came along to swim, support, time keep and count laps, in particular club members Jon, Pauline, Jeff; supporters’ kids Brianna, Brooke and Sandi; and partners Fran, Mij, Rod, Scott and Rob for all helping out.

5 Minute Final Countdown

We’re all set to enter the event again next year, so keep your eye on FASTLANE and the website for information in early 2012.  It was a great cause to support and it was good to participate in a community swimming event, particularly as we are a swimming club.  It was lots of fun!

Official photos and full results from the Canberra Mega will be posted on the webiste at www.megaswim.com/results-photos.asp and you can view the team pages via the relevant team link below …

Captain Team
Anne Smyth Tuggeranong Masters Swim Sensations
Caroline Makin Tuggeranong Masters Swim Superstars

Wett Ones BPS Meet — 28 May 2011

Meet report by Philippa Rickard

The Wett Ones BPS Meet held at the Sydney University Aquatics Centre on 28 May 2011 was another successful NSW meet for the Vikings!  The Wett Ones were as ever great hosts, with food offered for officials and swimmers throughout the event, and the camaraderie amongst the Vikings gang of David Bale, Kristen Leydon, Caroline Makin and Philippa Rickard was on top form.

The excitement started with David’s 400m Individual Medley which was a great result and a new club record which put us all in good spirits for the rest of the meet! This was followed up with all the girls in the 50m Freestyle swimming well and it was great to get a 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the same event!

Well done to Kristen for swimming  both the 100m & 200m Butterfly — great effort and setting new club records in both events — she even managed to laugh at us cheering her on at the end of the lane, whilst swimming the 200m Butterfly!

Caroline swam a good PB in the 50m Freestyle, a cracking first ever attempt at a 100m Breaststroke (very close to the ten years standing club record) plus a solid 200m Backstroke.

Congratulations to Caroline’s sister, Philippa, who claimed three new club records on her debut meet for the Vikings.  It was fantastic to see her on a par with the guys racing in her heat in the 50m Butterfly! That exceptional quick swim, plus speedy 50m & 100m Freestyles, made it an excellent first outing for this newcomer!

The 'Rickard' Sisters ready for the off in the Relay

The team of four also entered the 4x50m Freestyle Mixed Relay event although not eligible for points, so just for the fun of it!

The Vikings Relay Team at Wett Ones on 28 May 2011

The chirpy swimmers finished off the day in style with a fabulous curry and a few well deserved drinks down Oxford Street in Sydney – dancing until 3am!  SWIM HARD, PLAY HARD!!

Vikings team out on the town after Wett Ones Meet, 28 May 2011

Individual results were as follows:

David Bale

400m IM – 2nd  – 6:51.79 – 9 points  (Club Record)
100m FR – 1st – 1:11.64 – 10 points
50m BU – 8th  – 38.77  – 6 points

Kristen Leydon

50m FR – 3rd – 39:77 – 8 points
100m BU – 1st – 2:08.68 – 10 points (Club Record)
200m BU – 1st – 4:50.19 – 10 points (Club Record)

Caroline Makin

50m FR – 2nd – 33.24 – 9 points
100m BR – 1st – 1:39.63 – 10 points
200m BA – 1st – 3:14.98 – 10 points

Philippa Rickard

50m FR – 1st  – 30.45 – 10 points (Club Record)
100m FR – 1st1:08.37  – 10 points Club Record)
50m BU – 1st – 32.25  – 10 points Club Record)

A total of 112 points for the Vikings!

Full results are available.

New Zealand Northland Master’s “The Wall” Postal Swim – Mar/Apr 2011

Postal SwimThe second overseas Postal Swim for 2011 was the New Zealand Northland Master’s “The Wall”.

There were two swims: an 800m and a 1500m swim.  800m to be swum as 400m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke and 150m Freestyle.1500m to be swum as 800m Freestyle, 100m Butterfly, 200m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke and 200m Freestyle.

“The Wall” could be swum in March/April 2011.

Cost was $12.00 per distance, and we had one entry for the club – Ann Reid came second in her age group and fifth out of eight competitors in the 1500m event. There were nine competitors in the 800m event.

Full results are available.