36th Masters Swimming National Championships – 26 April to 1 May 2011


Meet report from Ian Hampton

The 36th Masters Swimming National Championships were held at the Challenge Stadium, Perth over the 27 — 30 April, with the open water swim at Matilda Bay, Swan River on 1 May.

The three “girls” showed the way over the 5 days, Caroline Makin stepped up for 12 swims including the open water swim, Anne Smyth — 11 swims including the open water swim, Pam Munday – 9 swims over 4 days, while Ian Hampton wimped out a bit with 7 swims but also taking on the jellyfish in the open water swim.

Overall, we gave each other our usual solid support and encouragement, and pretty often we were enthusiastically heading up to the results sheets to check places and times.

Summary of our results

Caroline Makin put in 12 really good swims with 8 PBs in the pool and 2 medals – 2nd in her age group 400m IM in 6:57.37, and 3rd in the 2km open water swim.  Caroline was also close medalling with 4th places in her 100m backstroke and 200m freestyle.

Anne Smyth scored two 2nd places in the 800m freestyle and 2km open water swim, and also six 3rd places.  Anne’s best swim was probably her 400m IM in 6:30.52 (676 FINA points) for 3rd place.

Pam Munday scored two 1st places in the 200m and 100m butterfly, 4 2nd places in the 200m, 100m and 50m breaststroke, also 200m IM, and one 3rd place.  Pam’s two top swims were her 200m fly in 3:34.51 (722 FINA points – WOW) and 200m breaststroke in 3:39.01 (700 FINA points).

Ian Hampton – 7 swims for one 1st place – 200m breaststroke in 3:25.10 (676 FINA points), and 2 2nd places.


The Nationals 2011 Team

Full results are available and more information is available on the Masters Swimming WA website, where there is also a Flyer available to download which contains lots of useful information about the competition.

Some impressions — Ian Hampton

“Sunshine, warm weather and friendly people — Perth is a relaxed city I reckon; a really well organised meet; great camaraderie in the 2 km open water swim – the Swan River jelly fish are a distraction but are benign.  Nationals are enjoyable — I think because (after getting over the nervous hump of that first swim) it is more relaxed than State Long Course Championships because (in general) you have less events/day and each event takes longer because of the bigger competitor list so there is more time to meet and catch up with old mates etc.  There was also some stunning swimming in a number of events.”

Some impressions — Anne Smyth

“It was a great event — really friendly and a great way of meeting people — you chat about all sorts of interesting thing in the marshalling area — gardening, water restrictions etc and Caz and I met someone who swims with Swim Smooth! — we were soooo very excited about that!!!

We all swam really well — thanks coaches 🙂 Our biggest swimming tip would be to have a long taper! Plus, I am very relieved not to have to struggle in and out of those ‘racing’ swimmers every day …. torture!!!!

One last thought – I’m quite sure the wine Pam, Caz and I consumed each night relaxed our muscles and helped our swimming! It was our secret weapon!!  … and finally ….. the jelly fish are your friends and will not hurt you Caz!”

Nationals 2011 Open Water Team

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