North Sydney BPS Meet — 12 February 2011

Meet report from Ann Reid

A small squad of Vikings headed up to the North Sydney BPS Sprint Meet on 12 February. This meet is a nice evening of sprint swimming (50m events) in a wonderful location on Sydney harbour.

It was wet in the pool and even wetter out of the pool! Sydney rained on the five Vikings who competed at this meet, but even with the minimal shelter available at North Sydney pool they survived.

Each Viking competed in three 50m sprints with the ladies (Cecelia, Catherine, Ann and Mandy) adding a medley relay at the end for good measure. Results were as follows:

Ian Hampton took out first place in his age group, with two firsts (Butterfly, Breaststroke) and a third place (Freestyle).

Mandy Coggins came second in her age group, with a first (Butterfly), second (Backstroke) and a third place (Freestyle).

Cecelia Kaye came fourth in her age group, with a second (Breaststroke), third (Backstroke) and eighth place (Freestyle).

Catherine Alexander took out eighth place in her age group, with a first (Breaststroke), eighth (Backstroke) and twelfth (Freestyle).

Ann Reid took out ninth place in her age group, with a sixth (Backstroke), seventh (Freestyle) and ninth (Butterfly).

The womens’ medley relay team came first in the 200+ age group.

Overall results: Tuggeranong Vikings finished 13th (out of 28 clubs) and 4th on average points (i.e. clubs with four or more swimmers competing).

Well done to the five members who took part in this event.  Full results are available.

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