2011 Family & Friends Surf Weekend

Surf DudeFollowing on from successful surf weekends in previous years, this year’s Family & Friends Surf Weekend took place on 25-28 February 2011 in Narooma.

Report by Jeanette Droop

Thirteen members, family and friends travelled to Narooma on the last weekend of February to participate in the FRIENDSHIP and FUN element of masters swimming. We stayed at the Island View Resort in their large Olympic Cottage.

Fun was an essential ingredient and it was evident that people were enjoying themselves. Lots of laughs and joviality was heard in, out and on the water!  Current Vikings caught up with some past members: Di Gregory and Steve Walker and it was good to see both of them. It was unfortunate that we did not manage to catch up with some other past members: David, Jill, Katrina (Winky) and Matt, as we had hoped.

Saturday morning was an early start as we travelled North to Broulee to ride the swell. Our surfing lessons were held with Broulee Surf School.  We donned our wetsuits — not the most comfortable or attractive items of clothing and they proved a challenge both to get into and out of for most of us and especially Rod.  The water was clean and clear and the temperature was terrific – . Not too cold and not too warm, as the saying goes “just right”.

For our seasoned annual surfers the conditions in the water looked disappointing at first as the waves were few and far between. The bay seemed to be as flat as Lake Burley Griffin, however the swell picked up and we managed to ‘hang ten’, hang loose, fall off and miss a few waves, a few times each.

As the tide went out the waves crested and broke close to the shore. This was a recipe for dumpers. Many of us got dumped and came up spluttering sand and some colourful adjectives.  Getting back through the dumpers was almost more challenging than standing up on the board.

Josh, Lochan and Nick had their first surfing lessons and did very well reading the waves, paddling and balancing on the boards. They are all keen to come back next year for another lesson. At least one boy was heard saying “I am going to ask for a surfboard for my birthday.” We believe that all our beginner surfers managed to ride several waves into the beach.

After a few hours surfing and some more time swimming at our leisure most of us enjoyed a relaxing meal and refreshing drink on the foreshore at Narooma. Annette shared her chips with a not so friendly but extremely greedy seagull. She had no choice but to share as the seagull flew across and stole a chip from her mouth as she was munching on it … thankfully the local pelicans had had their breakfast at dawn!

As is traditional the group pulled together to prepare a feast of gastronomic proportions on the Saturday evening. We had a tasty barbeque for tea and settled down to read, talk and play cards.  Annette and Andrea beat Jeanette and Rod playing 500.

On Sunday most of us kayaked on Durras Lake with Bay and Beyond Sea Kayak Tours for a few hours. Others took the opportunity to visit friends and family along the coast. The lake was sheltered and not very deep, we paddled for a few kilometres up and down the channels. Leisa fell out of the craft and James being the concerned son, went to her rescue (or he wanted an excuse to get in the water) and assisted her back into the craft. This proved to be more difficult than it looked. Rod and Jeanette can vouch that there are no fish in Lake Durras… not a nibble was felt on their lines … both of them caught terra-firma, but nothing else.

As Sunday progressed, the wind picked up and the weather from the south looked stormy so we headed back to the boat ramp, helped load the kayaks onto the trailer and headed back up the mountain to home. The weekend was very pleasant and provided lots of fun and relaxation.

We are planning to do it again in 2012 and are open to suggestions about activities and accommodation. Remember to mark the last weekend in February on your calendar, as we hope to make this the date for the 2012 Surfing Weekend. Everyone is invited, to come along and have a good time!

View photos from the Surf Weekend 2011.

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