What’s your swim type?

Take a look at the Swim Smooth website — it looks pretty cool.  It provides some good insights into swimming technique and provides animations and articles that you might find useful.  You can also download the Mr Smooth application!

If you follow the link to “Swim Types” , you can work out “What’s your Swim Type?” and it should provide some good tips on how to become faster and more efficient through the water in Freestyle swimming.

Looking at the types, it appears that The Editor of our TIDAL Newsletter is swim type 5: The Swinger …!

Swinger Profile: The Swinger nearly always has good swimming experience over a long period of time and feels confident in the water. The key characteristic of the swinger compared to the Smooth type is that they have less body roll, meaning their arms tend to swing round the side of the body rather than travel over the top. Over the years some bad habits may have crept in and their stroke is often in need of a tune up.

Personality: Normally has a positive, happy go lucky outlook. May resist change to their stroke for fear of taking a step backwards.

Why not check out YOUR type, take a look at YOUR profile, and maybe get some ideas about how you can improve YOUR Freestyle swimming.

So, have a look around the site and share your thoughts/profiles with other swimmers!

Caroline Makin
TIDAL Editor

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