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February, 2011:

What’s your swim type?

Take a look at the Swim Smooth website — it looks pretty cool.  It provides some good insights into swimming technique and provides animations and articles that you might find useful.  You can also download the Mr Smooth application!

If you follow the link to “Swim Types” , you can work out “What’s your Swim Type?” and it should provide some good tips on how to become faster and more efficient through the water in Freestyle swimming.

Looking at the types, it appears that The Editor of our TIDAL Newsletter is swim type 5: The Swinger …!

Swinger Profile: The Swinger nearly always has good swimming experience over a long period of time and feels confident in the water. The key characteristic of the swinger compared to the Smooth type is that they have less body roll, meaning their arms tend to swing round the side of the body rather than travel over the top. Over the years some bad habits may have crept in and their stroke is often in need of a tune up.

Personality: Normally has a positive, happy go lucky outlook. May resist change to their stroke for fear of taking a step backwards.

Why not check out YOUR type, take a look at YOUR profile, and maybe get some ideas about how you can improve YOUR Freestyle swimming.

So, have a look around the site and share your thoughts/profiles with other swimmers!

Caroline Makin
TIDAL Editor

Central Coast BPS Meet — 22 January 2011

Meet report from Ann Reid

A single Viking, Ann Reid headed up the Hume and Newcastle freeways with her support crew on a recent warm Saturday to compete in the first BPS meet for the year. The Central Coast BPS Meet was held on Saturday 22 January — a long course event in the outdoor 50m at Gosford.

Three races later (200m, 100m and 50m Freestyle), Ann was slightly sun burnt but had achieved one time in the 50m Freestyle which she was happy with, and two slow times. Ann reckons her longer distances obviously need some work, but as it was still January and training hadn’t started, she took it as a good warm up for 2011!

Ann’s fourth, third and second placings earned fifth place in her age group (with eleven competitors), 24 points for the club and gave her something to work on for the next BPS Meet, which is the North Sydney sprint meet on 12 February.

Captial Summer Sports Fest — Lake Burley Griffin Swim — 21 January 2011

Event report from
Caroline Makin

As part of the Capital Summer Sports Fest, which is an annual triathlon weekend in Canberra, there was a swimming event in Lake Burley Griffin on the evening of  Friday, 21 January 2011.

There were two distances on offer: 400m swim or 1.5km swim, and this year Anne Smyth, David Bale, Caroline Makin and Kristen Leydon all took part in the 1500m lake swim at Rond Terraces, Canberra.

Well done to all our swimmers, and in particular newbie Viking, Kristen Leydon for her first ever open water swim!

Vikings Results

Anne Smyth 00:26:01 Overall Place:  9th/41Female Place:  3rd /22

Female 50-54 Place: 1st /1


Caroline Makin 00:28:22 Overall Place:  12th/41Female Place:  5th /22

Female 40-44 Place: 1st /4

David Bale 00:29:27 Overall Place:  16th/41Male Place:  12th /19

Male 35-39 Place: 3rd /4


Kristen Leydon 00:29:27 Overall Place:  26th/41Female Place:  14th /22

Female 40-44 Place: 3rd /4


More information about the Capital Summer Sports Fest and full results are available at www.capitalsummer.com.au.