Tathra Wharf 2 Waves 2011

Tathra Wharf2Waves

Event report from Annette Britten and Brenda Day

The Tathra WHARF TO WAVES Open Water annual event took place on Sunday 16 January 2011 at Tathra, NSW.

We had eight members compete in the event in 2010, and exceeded this in 2011 with thirteen members who challenged the sea in one or both of the 600m and 1200m distances in the ocean.

The swims start in deep water from the historic wharf, and as ever at this event was a good atmosphere and a great day.

The water temperature is unpredictable at Tathra and can change dramatically overnight.  Wetsuits are permitted and the majority of swimmers who had wetsuits chose to wear them as this year the water temperature was a very chilly 15 degrees (although virtualy all of our tough Female Vikings didn’t wear wetsuits, our two Male Vikings were a little less hardy and donned their wetsuits for both swims — sensible Greg and Ian!).

As usual, it was a very well organized event with lifesavers not on, but in the water, directing swimmers away from a rip which was running. A great effort was put in by all of our swimmers with special mention to Atsuko McGowan, who made her debut in open water swimming. With no wetsuit, low body fat to keep her warm, Atsuko ploughed straight into the 1200m event – a very “gutsy” effort for a pool swimmer.

Our former coach, Jill Mortlock swam in the 600m with no wetsuit – such an inspiration when you consider that Jill will be 75 years young this year, not to mention having had 2 hips replaced …fantastic!

There were a couple of pairs of goggles lost in the surf action and one jellyfish sting on the neck coming into the end of the 1200m race, but apart from that, everyone made it back to the beautiful sunny beach in one piece!

More event information and full results are available at www.tathrawharf2waves.com

Vikings Results — 600m

19-29 Male
Tim Smyth 9.48.40  Place:   9th /11 Member’s Son
30-39 Female
Kristy Messenger 11.17.00 Place:  2nd /10
40-49 Female
Katrina Ewing 9.38.60 Place:  2nd /24 Past Member
Caroline Makin 11.04.00 Place:   4th /24
Annette Britten 13.57.60 Place: 14th /24
40-49 Male
Matt Baker 9.38.50 Place:   3rd /37 Past Member
50-59 Female
Anne Smyth 9.19.20 Place:   1st /19
Cecelia Kaye 16.32.00 Place:   8th /19
Amanda Coggins 17.17.10 Place: 12th /19
Catherine Alexander Did Not Finish — retired injured
50-59 Male
Greg Gourley 9.08.90 Place:   9th /32
60-69 Female
Brenda Day 11.34.00 Place:   1st /6
Angelika Erpic 14.56.10 Place:   4th /6 Past Founding Member
Pauline Rohan 19.10/90 Place:   5th /6
60-69 Male
Ian Hampton 11.22.30 Place:   3rd /09
70+ Female
Jill Mortlock 31.26.40 Place:    1st /01 Life Member

Vikings Results — 1200m

Anne Smyth 19.27.40 Place:   12th /47
Caroline Makin 22.23.50 Place:   19th /47
Kristy Messenger 23.52.80 Place:  24th /47
Gillian Sharp 24.31.60 Place:   28th /47
Atsuko McGowan No Time Did not finish 🙁
Greg Gourley 20.28.70 Place:   28th /95
Ian Hampton 25.15.40 Place:  67th /95
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