Aqua Jets Taskmaster Postal Swim — September/October 2010

Postal SwimThe Aqua Jets Taskmaster Postal Swim was the final Postal swim for 2010. This September/October swim involved completing between one and four swims: an 800m, a 1500m, a 30 min and a 60 min swim; any stroke for each one (Flyer).

We had three entries in the Aqua Jets Taskmaster: Ann Reid (4 swims), Jane Lindsey (3 swims) and Jeanette Droop (3 swims) as follows:

Ann Reid

800m Freestyle – 13.29.73 SC

1500m Breaststroke – 38.05.93 SC

Half Hour Backstroke – 1500m SC

One Hour Backstroke – 2775m SC

Jeanette Droop

800m Freestyle — 12:32.76 SC

1500m Backstroke  – 28:35.49 SC

Half Hour Breaststroke  – 1200m SC

Jane Lindsay

1500m Freestyle – 46.20.87 SC

Half Hour Freestyle – 950m SC

One Hour Breaststroke – 1550m SC

Our results were as follows:

Jeanette had the fastest 800m Freestyle (Female and Male) and the fastest 1500m Backstroke (no Males entered); while Ann swum the furthest in both the Half Hour and One Hour Backstroke (of all the Female and Male entries!)

Full results for this postal meet are available at

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