Sri Chinmoy Triple Triathlon — 21 November 2010

Event report from Caroline Makin & Brenda Day

The 14th Sri Chinmoy Triple-Triathlon was held in and around Canberra on Sunday 21 November 2010. This event consists of three off-road triathlons back-to-back, an icon event celebrating the natural side of Canberra.

The event consists of the following elements …1.5 km swim/35 km MTB/20 km run/3.5 km swim/40 km MTB/12 km run/1.2 km swim/24 km MTB/13 km run.

It was an awesome day for four of our Vikings who took part in this event as swimmers making up four separate teams … each celebrating the camaraderie that goes with taking part in this sort of event as a relay team.

The Triple-Tri is a gruelling event and it was pretty hot for cyclists and runners, but the swimmers just “lapped” up the conditions! The three lakes (Lake Gininderra, Lake Burley Griffin and Lake Tuggeranong), were still coolish (around 21 degrees), so wetsuits were a huge asset.

Greg Gourley was the solo swimmer in the team ‘Two Bilbys and a Marlin’ and swam all three legs in times of 25:02; 48:45; 20:22.

Suzie Gunning was the solo swimmer in the team ‘mochafrppacino’ and swam all three legs in times of 28:03; 55:43; 22:20.

Brenda Day was one of three swimmers in the team ‘Go Go Girls 50+’ and swam the second leg in a time of 1:01:19.

Jill Blomeley also took part as one of three swimmers in the team ‘It Takes Two’ and this is an entire story in itself … she was recruited in an ambulance while taking a badly injured cyclist to hospital … the cyclist did not manage to recover in time for the Triple Tri event, but was there to cheer her team on.  Jill was swam the third leg in a time of 26:58.

Well done to all four swimmers for a great effort in this land mark event!

If you would like to know more, see the full event info and results on the Sri Chinmoy website.

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